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Virtual Reality for Global Brands 2016


Virtual Reality for Global Brands 2016 is taking place late June in both, London & New York City.

This is an industry leading event as it is the first conference to help Marketers understand how immersive technology can be used for Marketing, Branding and Consumer Engagement in order to create immersive brand storytelling, maximize brand awareness and monetized VR content.

Top CMOs and Marketing Directors from leading global brands that are early-adopters of VR and Augmented Reality technologies will demonstrate how to integrate VR into your marketing mix

Our Speakers And Brands Include:

– Clark Pierce, SVP TV EverywhereFOX Sports
– Stinson Park, Digital Brand Content Lead, PepsiCo
– Farrukh Lalani, Head of Global MarketingAria Gems
– Daragh Anglim, Head of DigitalFáilte Ireland
– Chris Ives, Digital Manager – Retail/Events, Burberry
– Kudzai Manungo, Product ManagerThomas Cook

Click Here for London Speaker Line-up | Click Here for NYC Speaker Line-up

5 Main Reasons To Attend:

1. Build a fully immersive, uniquely engaging brand story without compromising on your brand voice.
2. Choose the right product to promote with a VR campaign, and the right platforms to use.
3. Learn from the early adopters themselves, with case studies from the retail, fashion, travel, tourism, automotive, luxury and journalism sectors.
4. Monitize campaigns with advertisments and exploring the ecommerce potentials of immersive technology.
5. Learn from the best with case studies from the most successful VR early-adopters brands including PepsiCo, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry, Coca-Cola

This summit takes place on June 29th, 2016 in New YorkJune 30th, 2016 in London.

To find out more about Virtual Reality for Global Brands 2016 follow the links below for your respective location:
To view our New York event, Click Here
To view our London event, Click Here

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