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Top Reasons to Go into Web Development

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While Elon Musk continues to work on colonizing Mars, society continues to use the internet everywhere — at work, at school, at home, on vacation, etc. Demand for web app developers is growing at the same pace, so now is the time to start mastering this promising area. AppKong takes a detailed look at what is meant under web development. Additionally, you learn how relevant it is, who is a web app developer, and what skills they need to learn.

Who Is a Web Application Developer?

Web app devs are people who implement any business ideas, speak a foreign language, and can do almost anything. Additionally, they are the people who move forward by creating more sophisticated browser programs. Good specialists do not only know languages ​​and technologies, but they are analytical thinkers, as they must create complex apps from nothing. They have to work in a team as well because a serious project is difficult to complete alone.

A web app dev is a programmer who develops software apps for various browsers. All web devs divide into three categories, depending on the tasks they perform. These categories are backend, frontend, or universal. Backend specialists are considered the most valuable in the labour market. Here are the main tasks for a web application creator to master:

  • creation of a technical specification (technical task) for the project;
  • discussion with the customer of the working stages of the project;
  • building app architecture;
  • programming;
  • work with designers;
  • work with testers;
  • assisting in working with the finished web application;
  • launching the app on the internet.

In general, the main task of the dev is to create a user-friendly web app that works flawlessly. This app is for the end-user intuitive, useful, multifunctional, and, of course, profitable for the customer. The career path of a specialist looks as follows:

  • intern;
  • junior web application dev;
  • senior web app dev;
  • project manager;
  • head of development.

Of course, this is what the ideal path of a web app developer looks like, but everyone is individual.

Benefits of Web Applications

  1. Money-saving – During web development, you do not have to create separate applications for different operating systems. Instead, they work the same in any browser: Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.
  2. Safety – The web app has a single entry point, so you centrally configure its protection. In addition, user data stores in the cloud, so if the hard drive is damaged, the information survives.
  3. Access from different devices – The user interacts with the web application through a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. The main thing is access to the internet.
  4. Simple access – Users do not need to download anything and, more importantly, update. When changes occur to the client interface, the update to the latest version happens the next time the page is loaded.
  5. Scalability – Even if the load on the system increases, you do not have to increase the capacity of client places. Typically, web applications handle more data with just hardware resources. This means you do not have to rewrite code or change architecture.
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How Relevant Is the Web Development of Apps?

Smartphones and other portable devices not only became a part of our daily lives, but they are also a full-fledged continuation of us. With the help of gadgets, we communicate with each other, order goods from stores, buy tickets, book accommodation, call taxis, use phones as navigators, readers, payment tools, and use them just to have fun and pass the time. According to statistics published in Datareportal, 67% of adults worldwide use portable devices every day, which is almost 5.19 billion people. This trend grows every year. Many assume that soon a person will be directly connected to a personal device. This means that all the features and information from our gadgets go directly to our brain.

While many inventors work on this innovation, others spend time on seemingly unnecessary apps such as low-frequency wave mosquito repellent, watermelon ripeness determinant, air-bubble film simulator, etc. In short, the relevance of web app development grows not only every year but every month. Hundreds of new apps release online every day. It seems difficult to come up with something new, but good developments in collaboration with good marketing can bring a lot of money to the creator.

A separate, noteworthy topic is involving kids in web development. Today, almost every child spends an incredible amount of time with his smartphone, tablet, or laptop. In almost 100% of cases, children play games or watch videos on YouTube, but in redirecting this hobby it is very promising and goes in a practical direction. Having mastered the skills of creating web apps at an early age, a child grows into a very talented programmer. This is due to finding interest in programming at an early age, where in the future they want to expand these skills and study new programming languages.

Where Can I Learn How to Develop Web Apps?

If you already studied or are in the process of learning one of the programming languages, which are most often used in the development of web apps for browsers, try to create a web application using YouTube videos and tutorials. If you are just at the initial stage, the fastest and most effective option is to enrol in web app development courses at an IT school. IT education gives you the maximum knowledge and skills needed to build a web app from scratch, even if you never encountered programming before. Throughout the learning process, the student is accompanied by experienced mentors who help to take into account all the individual characteristics of each project. Attention to detail and useful life hacks help you master this incredible profession.

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