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The Myth of the Brand Promise

How do you strengthen a struggling brand?

Rebranding is a quick fix. But that’s like painting a house instead of fixing the wiring or a faulty foundation. Rebranding alone doesn’t provide lasting results.

Another frequent error is to make brand promises. This will only serve to create doubt. People will naturally want to counter your claims. Then you find yourself in a defensive position, trying to prove your value.

In this YouTube live replay, Flint McGlaughlin explains that the power of a brand is in the customer’s mind, not in a company’s claim; that a brand, in the most classic sense, is simply the aggregate experience of the value proposition. The marketer’s task is to craft observations for the customer. These will produce a series of positive conclusions about your brand, which will power the decision that you’re trying to get the customer to make.

Watch the video to learn how to create a powerful brand so that the customer’s initial impression matches your company’s desired conclusion.

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