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The Exceptionally Bright Career of Bernard Martinage

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Even though he was only nine years old at the time, Bernard Martinage went from door to door in order to sell something that he had manufactured. This small child displayed from the very beginning the self-assurance required not just to create something but also to persuade other people to purchase it. Martinage is not only the founder and owner of a large number of businesses today, but he is also the author of more than 12 books, the holder of three trademarks and four US patents, and has taken part in a wide variety of fascinating adventures. Martinage is continually on the hunt for new educational possibilities and his motivation is a desire to help other people fulfill their potential.

Martinage’s Career

Louis XVI

Between the years 1993 and 1996, Bernard Martinage held the position of Captain at Louis XVI. He managed a team of waiters who offered guests exceptional dining experiences that went above and beyond their expectations. Flambéd dishes were parts of the service delivered tableside.

The Culinary Institute of America

From October 1997 until October 2000, Bernard Martinage worked as the Lecturing Maitre D’ of the Restaurant Escoffier at The Culinary Institute of America in New York. Escoffier later became the first student-staffed establishment to obtain a five-star restaurant rating. It remains the only student-staffed establishment inducted into the Fine Dining Hall of Fame. During his time there, Escoffier became the first student-staffed establishment to obtain a five-star restaurant rating.

Because of Martinage’s abilities as a lecturer, the student body chose him on three separate occasions, one each year, to serve as the Faculty Speaker at Commencement. To this day, many of his former pupils continue to keep in touch with him on a personal level.

Federation of Dining Room Professionals (FDRP)

After that, Martinage began working for FDRP, where he managed certification programs for hospitality professionals. He was responsible for documenting and measuring standards of performance, experience, and mindset for a variety of clients. These included consulting firms, universities, and Fortune 500 companies, using online / in-print training and practical examinations.

Martinage’s responsibility as the director is to broaden people’s understanding of restaurants by having him give talks, sending him to Leadership Symposiums, and ensuring that online and print certification training programs are up to date.

Martinage is not only the primary author of “The Professional Service Guide,” but he is also the founder and president of FDRP. This Federation administers more than 3000 certification examinations on an annual basis and has members in all 50 states of the United States as well as ten other countries.

Since 1998, he has been serving as the Founder of FDRP as well as the Director of Operations and Education. He continues to capitalize on his 41 years of professional experience by providing individualized protective services and expert hospitality.

Safe N Secure

Martinage has been employed with Safe N Secure from 2006 until the present day. Amelia Island residents, businesses, and communities can all benefit from the security services provided by his organization. As the Managing Director, he is in charge of leading a team of security specialists that are responsible for providing unrivaled training as well as safety for households, businesses, and entire communities.

His responsibilities include teaching people who want to become NRA instructors as well as others who want to improve their shooting skills and to get certified. His unique Security Guard School toolbox contains the correct information, and he sells it to individuals interested in starting their own security services.


Martinage turned his passion for firearms into the successful business SecuriSTART™. SecuriSTART™ is the leading source of security training materials for educational institutions, government organizations, and private businesses. These materials include security curricula, manuals, lesson plans, online courses, and licensing kits. More than three hundred and fifty different types of state-licensed educational institutions, including public and private schools, colleges, sheriff’s departments, and county jails, are making use of the resources offered by SecuriSTART™, which are curated by Martinage.

SecuriSTART™ also offers CPSS and CPSE training resources. These are two of the most famous independently approved certificates that schools and instructors use to assist their students in obtaining more respect for their training.

CPSS stands for Certified Private Security Specialist. Students accomplish this by completing the CPSS online assessment (158 questions).

The acronym CPSE stands for Certified Private Security Expert. Students obtain this by taking the CPSE online test (158 questions) and providing proof of having more than 3 years of professional and/or licensed full-time private security experience.

  • Take the online examination to get the CPSS and/or CPSE certifications.
  • Submit credible references as proof of experience.
  • Obtain the Trainer’s signature on the CPSS/CPSE certification agreement.
  • Obtain the endorsement of Securi-Start and the Instructor who instructed the student.

Martinage’s SecuriSTART™ training packages are practical, simple, and comprehensive for schools and classrooms. They assist students and institutions in achieving training and commercial objectives by matching alternatives that meet their needs. Recognizing the necessity, SecuriSTART™ annually updates its books, lesson plans, and resources to reflect changes in legislation and practices. Furthermore, their products are personalized with the facility’s emblem and school name, which increases their legitimacy.

Target Nation®

Bernard Martinage designed instruments with the proper center of mass training utilizing his teacher and training counselor qualifications (Center of Exposure point of aim). Years of bodyguard training taught him that flat targets have no mass, and 3D targets are too costly and heavy to carry/move. Therefore, he required something readily transported between sites and set up quickly. He owns two firearms ranges (one of which has Tactical bays and a 1,200sf 5-room ballistic shoot-house, and a 1.5mls amphibious jungle course).

Bernard Martinage, a UTM and Simunition® Scenario Instructor, endeavored to construct a target system that could survive all types of fire while remaining manageable and cost-effective. This led to the creation of the KTBM (Kinetic Target Bernard Martinage), also known as FRED, a 5’9” tall, lightweight, and highly portable Target/Target-Backer. It has three distinct uses: as a 3D Target Backer; as a Reactive Target that drops from both a torso shot and a headshot; and as a highly customizable Scenario Training Mannequin that engages from a 360-degree angle.

In January 2022, Target NationTM debuted its exhibit at the Shot Show, the world’s largest sportsmen and guns expo, in Las Vegas. It was well-received and gained recognition from the military, the police, and a number of countries.

Final Comments – Bernard Martinage

Bernard Martinage is a strong believer in lifelong learning and is always on the lookout for new educational opportunities. He is constantly exploring new subjects and trying to improve his understanding of the world. In addition to his love of learning, Martinage is also passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. He enjoys helping others expand their horizons. Whether he is teaching in a formal setting or an informal one, Martinage loves nothing more than helping others reach their full potentials.

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