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Six Ways to Increase Productivity in Your Office Environment

Increased productivity is essential to a successful office environment since it translates to an increased bottom line. Whatever your company is in business to do, increased productivity should be an integral part of the business plan.

Bringing it all to the table is what makes the workday go faster. Not a droning speed of “let’s just get to the end of the shift”, but an alert, concerted effort to work and to apply one’s self to the job. The hours will fly and the wowed employee will be ready to lose themselves in work again tomorrow. Focusing on the common goal of whatever the work at hand is will spark a productive energy that will be infectious and charge the environment positively.

If all hands are on deck, an emergency room will hum, a cafeteria will coast and an assembly line will zing. And why not? This is the workplace isn’t it – everyone is there to do work. As a leader in your office it is up to you to wow the employees. They are the key to productivity.

Below you will find six tips to increasing productivity in your office environment. Though they can be utilised in any business environment, the items will be more specific to an office setting.

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  1. Set Up a Business Effective Incentive Program 

To keep the bottom line in the black, many employees have foregone the annual Christmas bonus, or incentive program. Implementing an incentive program that is contingent upon productivity is a way of giving back to the company since the revenue will be increased by the added production. Giving bonuses for the employee who meets certain set goals will increase the efforts of all on the work floor while showcasing a model to follow.

  1. A Cheery Workplace Is a Productive Workplace

Making the work environment aesthetically pleasing is another great way to increase productivity. Having a drab, unkempt atmosphere demonstrates that the employee is not valued. In addition to this, the environment an employee works in can have significant impacts on their mood and in turn, the work they complete. Put some effort into creating a visually pleasing work space and watch your employees do the same to their work.

  1. An Accountable Employee Is a Productive Employee

Implementing time and attendance solutions is a good idea to help the employees have a fixed image in their mind of when work starts and ends. This relieves ambiguity as people understand they are literally “on the clock”. If all the measures above are implemented, you will probably be seeing increased productivity. Setting a hard-fixed schedule for breaks will give needed rest to staff. Not only will this improve the level of work done by staff, but it will also help you to better manage your team and will ultimately save revenue.

  1. Have a Weekly Meeting of the Minds

Turn the boring, often-avoided staff meeting into a real effort to increase productivity in the office. Creating an environment where people feel comfortable to respectfully disagree and voice their opinions on how to make the overall work experience more productive will make the employees feel valued. Take turns with other people to lead the meetings so that employees feel like they are part of a team effort.

  1. A Well-Paid Employee Is More Productive

Financial compensation is the reason why there is staff in the first place. Paying a fair wage to the employees will increase their productivity. People want to feel they are being adequately compensated for the work they produce. When a worker researches their salary in terms of comparable rates, their salary rate should be reflected or better yet, their salary should exceed the going rate by a measure.

  1. Try a Little Tenderness

Kindness and gratitude can go a long way, especially in the workplace. You don’t have to pull out elaborative rewards to show your employees you appreciate them. If a member of the team excels in their job, or simply does something on time or to a good standard, give them some praise. This will incentivise them to continue what they’re doing, and may encourage their co-workers to work to the same standard.

And there you have it. You are six steps closer to some of the most productive workdays your office has ever experienced. Utilise them consistently and incorporate them into your business structure and long term increased productivity will become a mainstay of your enterprise.

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