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Six Tips to Make Employee Mental Health Better for Workers and Your Business

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Running a successful business is no easy task. With no shortage of advice on the best ways to get more business and make more profit, business owners sometimes forget that the employees truly make a successful enterprise. Employee mental health is as important as ever and evidence shows that employees who are happy are more productive in the long term.

Mental health is important for every business because a happy employee is more loyal and productive. So, how do you get these loyal and productive workers? Here are six tips.

Six Tips for a Mental Health Focused Workplace

Encourage a Work-Life Balance

When it comes to managing a business, the term “work-life balance” is often heard. However, in the modern age of computers and cellphones, it is hard to “disconnect” from work. Encouraging your workers to take time and space away from work helps with employee mental health. Avoiding messaging your workers after-hours helps give them the space they need.

Offer Flexible Roles

In the modern age and the advent of the pandemic, many people started working remotely. Remote workers benefit a company greatly. If you are open to remote workers, you expand your pool of potential employees to the world. But remote work does more than just expand your worker pool.

Offering flexible roles is great for employee mental health because it allows for workers to feel more at ease at their own pace. Some people work better in the mornings and some work better at night. Giving employees the opportunity to work at their leisure allows them more time for family and taking care of personal things.

Let Them Speak Up

Everyone experienced a situation where they needed to vent or get something off the chest, but the time or place wasn’t appropriate to say anything. Allowing an anonymous platform for employees to speak up provides benefits to both you and the employee.

For one thing, it allows employees to speak up about any issues or problems they have. It also allows employers to gain knowledge and understanding of issues workers have that you perhaps did not consider before.

Offer Sick Time and Vacation Time

Time off is good for everyone. When people average 5 sick days a year, taking time off becomes important not only for physical health but also for employee mental health. Employees who take time off without feeling like there are repercussions make the work experience better overall. Additionally, employers assure that a sick employee at home won’t spread germs throughout the office.

When it comes to vacation time, taking a leave for a while works wonders. Having a few days off rests the brain and body. Additionally, an employer known for being generous with vacation days is also likely to attract top talent in the field.

Invest in Virtual Health

Sometimes having to visit the doctor is a burdensome experience. Getting there, finding parking, and sitting in a waiting room often feels like a waste of time. Expanding your healthcare coverage to offer employees virtual access to doctors helps in the long run.

This means employees still get the health services they need without having to leave their homes. Studies show that Americans are more receptive to speaking with a doctor over the phone.

Be There for Your Workers

It might seem obvious being there for your workers is beneficial, but oftentimes overworked people do not necessarily pay attention to the right signs. Supporting a positive work culture where employees are comfortable speaking up or taking a day off is a company culture that supports employee mental health initiatives.

Duffy & Duffy built a thorough list of tips to implement at every level, guaranteeing a positive impact on your employees’ mental health and the success of your business.

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