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Secrets Revealed About Pest Inspection for Home Buyers in Melbourne

If you are living in Melbourne, then you must be aware of the fact that every year termites cause approximately $3-$5 billion of damage to homes. Whether it is a business building or a two-story home, the pests can affect the state of any property. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a house, then it is vital to opt for a pest inspection Melbourne. Any delay in pest removal will worsen the deterioration.

Getting pre-purchase pest inspection on a property you are interested in buying will help you know all the issues from rising damp, termite damage, while and black rot to poor sub-floor construction. Getting these details will assist you in making the right decision on buying a home. Moreover, to help you know more about building and pest inspection, read on to discover unknown facts. Consider them before purchasing a home.

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Know the Secrets About Pest Inspection Before Buying Your Home

1. Both buyers and sellers can pay for a pest inspection

Purchasing a home is a valuable investment. Therefore, you must be very cautious while making the purchase decision. With pest inspection, the inspector will assess the potential problems that need to be fixed to avoid future issues which could make the property susceptible to termite attacks. If you are confused on whether you as a buyer or seller have to pay for the inspection, then the answer is simple — both can pay for one. But, most probably the buyer will pay for the pest inspection.

2. A pest inspection is done without any digging, dismantling or cutting procedures

Make sure to opt for termite inspection before you make any commitment to buying property or before signing a sales contract. There are building inspection companies that don’t cover fundamental problems like floor defects, faulty roof, and various safety hazards. Also, the inspection is conducted without any dismantling, digging, cutting, and other invasive procedures. Often, building and pest inspection is limited to accessible areas. Ensure that this detail is mentioned in the inspection agreement that your inspector provides.

3. Building and pest inspection report reveals preventive and precautionary measures

The pest inspection report you get after the examination of your home is an inclusive report. Along with the signs of the present and future pest activity, the report also guides you on preventive and precautionary measures. The inspector prepares the inspection report by verifying the roof, subfloor areas, retaining walls, timber furniture, stumps in garden, internal/external walls, and much more.

4. Not all companies that do pest inspection in Melbourne are the same

When considering the pre-purchase pest inspection for your Melbourne property, note that not every company is the same. This is because some companies may inspect every corner of the property while others might do more of a quick visual inspection. As a buyer, you should want to pay more to have an in-depth assessment. At the same time, some sellers might prefer to pay less for a more basic inspection. Also, beware of the companies who are selling ongoing services like termite services. If anyone is trying to guide you towards such services, then this is a red flag.

5. Don’t use real estate recommendations to hire a building and pest inspection company

When you are in the market to find the right building and pest inspection, there are many sources. One is real estate recommendations. While buying the property, you will meet real estate agents who have their preferred building inspections and pest control companies. If you ask the agents, then they will pass on the details about the inspectors. However, keep in mind that these real estate agents are on the seller’s side and not yours, i.e., the buyer’s. So, they won’t go into too much detail on inspections, as the more issues the inspector finds, the higher the chances are of the home price going down.

6. Water damage issues are uncovered in building and pest inspections

Water damage issues like clogged guttering, pipe leakage, inadequate drainage, and rising damp can damage the property. However, when these problems occur, it is not always possible to rectify them right away, so the solid foundation of the property is compromised. Also, the water penetration in masonry maximises the issues like mould and fungal activity which develop pest activity. The big thing to know is that many termite inspection companies will not cover water damage issues in the inspection process.

Significance of Getting Building and Pest Inspection

No one even buys a small product without examining it so how can you purchase a property without undergoing proper house inspection? Looking at the real estate websites and observing the property is not a good idea. Instead, an actual visit to the property can help you know the repairs needed before purchase. That is the main reason to opt for building and pest inspection before getting a residential property.

In pest inspection, the certified inspector will get into the property and examine every small detail while eliminating pest development. You will get the complete picture of a property before buying the home and also know whether it is worth investing in or not. Based on the details included in the pest inspection report, you can even negotiate for a lower price with the seller.

Final Thoughts

Does the home you are thinking of purchasing have any significant pest issues that require recurring treatment services? Do you want to know the minor defects of the property? All these details about the property, including past and live pest activities, the property’s susceptibility to pest issues, and much more are revealed with building and pest inspection. Also, note that if your house encompasses timber materials, then rapid building inspection is vital. To get the entire process of assessment, you can choose the renowned pest inspection company near you in Melbourne.

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