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Real Estate Tips: How to Sell a House Online in 2020

Selling your house online is one of the most exciting but risky ventures if you don’t know how to go about it. With the right information, you can easily sell your house online and remove the stress of doing open house offers and other activities that are involved with selling a home in person.

So, how do you sell a house online? Read on for the different ways you can sell your property online in 2020.

1. Sell to Home Buyers/Developers

One of the best ways to sell your house online is to sell it to homebuyers and developers. Most of them have online platforms that you can use to seal a deal without needing a physical meeting.

Homebuyers, like Avante Home Buyers, offer sellers the opportunity to sell their house online right from the comfort of their homes. The process is simple and easy, and you can get your property sold in three easy steps:

  • Reach out online and request for an offer
  • Send pictures of your property
  • Set a closing date for sale at your convenience.

This method eliminates stress and fast-tracks the whole process. You can get your house sold as soon as possible, at your schedule, without wasting any time!

Further, homebuyers also offer homeowners the chance to sell their house as-it-is without making any renovations, making it a win-win situation. You get to sell your house online without any stress and also sell without worrying about making any improvements. People living in Houston, Texas, can also sell their homes online to Very Fast Home Buyers since they specialize in buying houses online as is, without a real estate agent and no extra costs.

2. Use an Online Real Estate Agent

Gone are the days when you have to go the traditional way to sell a house. Today, most people usually start their search on the internet when looking for a property to buy.

You can take advantage of this shift in consumer behavior by hiring an online estate agent to help sell your home. They charge less than their traditional counterparts. Hiring an agent also removes the stress of marketing the property and conducting sales by yourself.

However, don’t forget that anybody can claim to be a sales agent online. This is why you need to research your online agent before hiring one.

Moreover, hiring the right real estate agent is essential since it’ll make the difference between selling your home at a competitive rate, getting a lousy offer, or not even selling at all.

Thankfully, some sites can help you confirm the authenticity and expertise of your would-be online agent. Try sites like TrustPilot for third party reviews of the agent from previous sellers to help you decide if they will be the best hire.

You should also maximize all the advantages of using an agent if you are going to hire one. For instance, with an online agent, you can make offers 24/7 and have out-of-hours viewing since it’s not a traditional agency, which only operates within opening hours.

Real Estate Sale

3. Sell Online Yourself

It is possible to sell your house online and boycott the need for third parties. However, you should know that you’ll have to handle the whole process alone when you choose to sell your house without help. This includes online marketing, taking offers, and closing deals.

The first thing to learn is the mistakes to avoid when selling a house. This will help keep you on track and get a competitive price within a reasonable period.

It’ll also help if you use online advertisements and social media for marketing your house offer. This is the best way to get potential buyers without risking much.

Alternatively, you can list your house on real estate sites since they’re specifically designed to help individuals who want to sell their homes online.

By selling your house yourself, you can save the money you’d have paid for services. But you still have to pay the buyer’s agent a compensation fee in most cases.

Why Sell Your Home Online?

There are several reasons why you should consider selling your home online, even if you haven’t tried to before. They include:

  • Selling online offers the opportunity to directly market to a considerable pool of potential buyers. It also gives the variations that traditional buying doesn’t provide.

With online marketing, you can attract different people like investors, home developers, and regular buyers looking for houses to buy.

  • Another advantage of selling online is the flexibility it provides. Like most things online, you can always review your offer, property description, and other details before the sale. Unlike the finality of a traditional proposal, it gives you the flexibility to change inaccuracies before going live.
  • Selling your house online is also easy and convenient. It allows you to operate according to your schedule, without disrupting your timeline. With the help of technology, you can sell a house right from the comfort of your homes without any stress.
  • Finally, selling your house online is the best bet if you want quick cash and a fast sale. Investors and homebuyers who specialize in this kind of sale mostly operate online. So, making the sale online makes it easier to attract such buyers.


There are three significant ways to sell your house online in 2020. You can sell to home buyers/developers, hire an online agent, or choose to sell yourself. Whatever method you choose, one thing is certain — selling online is easier, faster and costs less.

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