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Rashad Garrett’s FOAMS Therapy App Is a Support System in the Palm of Your Hands

Mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression, are a growing concern these days. Everyone goes through challenging situations in life, and while you may be courageous enough to handle your problems yourself, seeking out support when you need it helps you deal with the issues more effectively. Faith of a Mustard Seed (FOAMS) is an on-demand therapy app that offers real solutions to all the monumental problems that are plaguing our community. Created by Houston Native, Rashad Garrett, the app makes it easier for people to seek expert counseling and mental health services as and when they need them.

A Bit About Rashad Garrett

Rashad Garrett, the owner and chief executive officer of FOAMS, was born and raised in the Sunnyside/South Acres community in Houston, Texas. After living with his father, a former New York Giants football player, stepmother, and siblings for a short period, his grandparents assumed his guardianship during his adolescence. Garrett reconnected with his mother when he became a young adult. According to Rashad, it was during this time that a strong educational foundation, grit, patience, financial competencies, and religious values were instilled in him.

Rashad Garrett earned a Bachelor’s degree in Science in Corporate Communication with a minor in Financial and International Business at the University of Houston-Downtown. He then went to Texas Southern University, where he got a Master’s degree in Public Administration with a concentration in Policy and Procedure. He started his career as a teacher in inner-city schools.

He is currently also one of the Board of Directors of the Broussard Family Foundation, a non-profit organization providing mental health awareness and donations to serve in mental health research.

Garrett’s Inspiration to Start His Own Business

According to Garrett, his ethnic and religious backgrounds contributed to his very own mental health obstacles. “As a Black man, we are taught to work and provide for our families. There is no room, nor space, to effectively express our thoughts, burdens, feelings, and tears; furthermore, we create this unrealistic facade that ‘prayer’ alone will solve all problems. It is in those notions that inadequacies, insecurities, depression, anxiety, and anger are derived; and as a result, behaviors are displaced,” said Garrett.

After further research, Garrett concluded that these issues plague all ethnicities and communities. So, he decided to start his own business venture that can instill the desire in people to work towards the betterment of self. He recognized the need for creating and developing a safe environment that is coupled with proper support and resources for mental health maintenance. This is how the FOAMS application was created.


About the Faith of a Mustard Seed (FOAMS) Therapy App

FOAMS is a black-owned social therapy app that offers a safe space and useful resources for individuals who need help with their emotional troubles or mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, self-identity, abandonment, insecurities, low self-esteem, and much more. Users of the app can connect with the platform’s clinicians, which include Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Therapists, Licensed Professional Counselors, and Life Coaches for Telehealth sessions via chat, video, and multimedia message.

Other features and services offered by the FOAMS app include embedded journaling software, podcasts, religious program streaming, business/entrepreneurial courses, and a FOAMS merchandise boutique. Garrett says, “FOAMS provides a safe haven for unlimited resources to maintain a mentally healthy lifestyle.”

Garret works with Public Relations to generate buzz and awareness of the FOAMS app. Additionally, he also leverages social media to raise mental health awareness among people and promote the services offered on the app.

Garrett’s Outlook for the Future

Rashard Garrett has a very positive outlook for the future of his business. In the coming years, he envisions to grow and expand his company by outreaching to those people who are in need of FOAMS. Through his app, he wishes to reach, encourage, support, and inspire the development and mental stability of productive figures in society. For more information, visit www.foamstherapy.com and their Instagram at @mustardseeddrip.

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