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Podcast – Erin Joy – Business Talk – Advises Women Entrepreneurs

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Interview with “Talk Business” Radio Host Erin Joy. After almost three decades of advising women business leaders, Erin Joy has learned what opportunities and challenges women in business encounter. She knows what they are thinking and the best failproof practices for business success. With a knowledge base this wide, it’d be a shame not to sit down with the brightest female minds in business and share it with the world. That’s how the “Erin Joy Talks Business brand” was born; which she distributes through a radio show, an App, and YouTube.

Erin Joy

Richard “Capt’n” Henderson talks to Erin Joy (www.ErinJoy.com) about her brand and valuable business advise you can use in starting up and succeeding in a business, today!

Subjects discussed podcast include:

• The spark that lit the fire for her brand

Developing a broad reach through multiple media distribution channels

• Breaking ceilings and breaking rules, revenue goals, and expectations

– “Beginning stage” start-up challenges women may have to overcome when launching a business

• “Business psychology” to being successful in a start-up

– “Professional well-being” – Keeping yourself in tip-top shape

• What is one thing a woman should do tomorrow morning to further their business success?

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