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No Monkey Business Here in This Home-Based Business


12th Anniversary Interview with Paul Korzeniowski, Entrepreneur & Founder of ABM

Q: Why did you start ABM?
A: I had a burning desire to start and develop a simple home-based advertising solution and income opportunity that enough people would like, that would enable me and others to build a strong residual income for our lifetime.

Q: What kind of business experience do you have?
A: I started as a Paperboy (age 12-16), then I started five businesses: “Killer Clean” (Auto Detailing, age 18-22), “Tidewater Card Board” (Advertising Distribution Service, age 23-28), “Complimint” (Advertising, age 28-32), “Smartfax” (Advertising, age 32-39), and “American Bill Money” (Advertising & Business Opportunities, age 39-51-present!).

Q: What do you like best about being self-employed?
A: To me, there is no better satisfaction than working for myself. I work as little or as often as I want or need to, and whenever I need to take care of a personal or family situation I always have the time and the money to handle it. I have always wanted financial independence, and now that I have it, I want to help many other people obtain it also.

Q: What does ABM sell?
A: We specialize in selling Opportunity Seekers’ and Buyers’ names and mailing addresses on peel and stick mailing labels. Leads purchased from us are comprised of 3 to 4 different sources and are provided on auto-ship. These leads can be used to promote any opportunity. We offer an Affiliate Opportunity that can make them free. The purchase is tax deductible and our opportunity is completely automated with live operators taking orders.

Q: What does it cost to get involved with ABM?
A: There are three ways to join ABM> Listen to our Free 15 Minute Presentation anytime @1-800-632-0739.

1-One Time $25 (Starter Pack). Test the waters till you upgrade to our monthly auto-ship, pays 100%.

2- Monthly auto-ship ($125 a month) gets you 150 leads and cards every month. Pays out three levels residually.

3- 12-month pre-pay ($1,500 a year) gets you 1,800 leads and 5,000 customized postcards. Pays out $900.

Q: What kind of results are people getting from ABM?    
A: We have people that have never earned a dime in anything until they started working with our opportunity. We have tons of people picking up several hundred a month and many earning several thousand per month, and even a couple millionaires have been created because of the American Bill Money Income Opportunity, so far!

Q: What separates ABM from every other opportunity?   
A: A solid 12 year track record—a commitment to consistency–no complicated or confusing products and/or marketing plan. It is the simplest automated system ever to be produced. Really—dare to compare! For more information visit  www.abminfo.com

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