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Mompreneur Styles Women Everywhere with Hello! Bliss Box

Kelli Girsch, CEO of Hello! Bliss Box
Kelli Girsch, CEO of Hello! Bliss Box

Kelli Girsch is CEO of Hello! Bliss Box, the newest subscription box service for women. Kelli has been an entrepreneur since an early age. At age 23, she got an investment of 100K to open a tanning salon which she successfully ran and opened additional locations. Fortunately for Kelli, she decided to sell her chain of salons right before the market crashed in 2007. Today, Kelly is a mom of three and runs and manages the success of Hello! Bliss Box. While in the beginning stages of the business there were trial and error, Kelli’s business is bursting at the seams, and she shares with Home Business Magazine her launch story.

HBM: What inspired you to start your business? 

Girsch: “I am a mom to 3 little ones so it’s always hard to find (or ahem, make time for myself). I went to the mall one day seeking a outfit to wear for a New Year’s Eve Date night with my husband. Guess what I came home with? As usual, clothes for my kids but nothing for myself…. And that’s mom life! Right then and there I decided there needs to be a service that delivers nice things to moms and women every month because we certainly forget to treat ourselves. It’s almost as if, I need to FORCE myself to make time to buy “me” nice things. And so, Hello! Bliss Box was born! I went home and started researching brands, packaging and shipping costs. I launched 30 days later.”

HBM: What was your biggest hurdle you overcame when launching your business? 

Girsch: “My biggest hurdle thus far has been web work… finding trustworthy web designers to properly build a functioning website with all the bells & whistles. After spending too much time and money I decided to use an all-inclusive paid platform called Shopify that takes the hassle out of web design with wonderful templates and 24/7 support.”

HBM: What career prior to starting Hello! Bliss Box?

Girsch: “I am a true entrepreneur at heart having started my own business at the age of 23 (while others were in college). I opened and successfully ran two tanning salons for 8 years….when the market tanked, I decided to sell the salons and get my commercial real estate license! Working in corporate America alongside high-end fashion retailers and restauranteurs was great but I missed the feeling of working for myself and being my own boss. I left the corporate world and started my subscription box business… shortly after Hello! Bliss Box launched, I started a second company and currently run both.”

HBM: How would you describe Hello! Bliss Box?

Girsch: “Hello! Bliss Box brings a little bit of bliss to women nationwide & in Canada. Just a little treat or pick-me-up based around beautiful lifestyle brands. The products we place within our boxes are perfect for everyday life!”

HBM: What mediums do you use to promote your business?

Girsch: “Social media is huge for us along with the relationships I have built with our local Sacramento media and TV stations. 85% of our business comes from word of mouth, which is something to be excited about! We have also been blessed by our media and blogging friends and have been featured in Woman’s World Magazine, Life & Style Magazine, Sacramento Parent, Style Magazine, and Los Lagos Living along with various TV appearances.”

HBM: Who are your primary customers?

Girsch: “Our customers are women! Working women, moms, stay-at-home moms, overworked women…. We ship to daughters, mothers, grandmothers, friends, neighbors and besties!”

HBM: What do you consider your best business achievement?

Girsch: “When our customers share their Bliss Box pics and the joy they get when receiving them makes me smile. I know we made someone’s day a bit brighter.”

HBM: Where do you see yourself with your business in 3 years?

Girsch: “I would love to eventually use a fulfillment center to package and ship our boxes along with a dedicated product photographer, social media manager and an assistant that can handle all of the emails we receive.” HBM

Hello! Bliss Box, LLC.

About Hello! Bliss Box

The newest subscription box service for women with a sense of adventure. With a new theme each month, give the gift that keeps on giving! Each box contains up to five curated goodies, including a jewelry and skincare element. With the Gift of Bliss, you have the flexibility to purchase a one-month, three-month or six-month subscription – an option for everyone. Other boxes include Birthday Bliss, Bridal Box, Itty Bitty Bliss, Bliss Grab Bag and more.


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