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Last Chance to Start a Blog with Us Today

Last chance to start a blog with usHave you started a blog this year? Every year between Christmas and New Year our enquiries for starting a blog skyrocket. It must be something to do with New Year’s Resolutions and setting new goals. Blogs still seem to be on everyone’s mind, even though they apparently died years ago.

I know it’s only the end of January, but if starting a blog was your New Year’s resolution then what are you waiting for? ProBlogger’s FREE Ultimate Guide to Starting a Blog course closes today, so act now and enrol here.

The first ever International Start a Blog Day on February 7 is fast approaching. We’re closing our course intake temporarily so the ‘Class of January 2018’ can work through the seven steps to launching their blogs in time for this event.

So far, more than 1,000 pre-bloggers have started the course and are on their way to launching a blog. Many have already completed the course, and are getting into their blogging stride. It’s fascinating looking at these new blogs from around the world and across different niches. We’re looking forward to sharing them all with you on February 7.

Want a sneak peak at some new blogs?

To whet your appetite and give you a taste of what’s coming, we’d like to introduce you to a few new bloggers and their blogs right now.

  • Michelle is the baker, recipe developer, and food photographer behind https://michellesmacarons.com – simple guides, tips, and easy macaron recipes all in one place.
  • Bob’s from South-Western Ontario, Canada and writes on taking a thrifty approach to personal finance on http://thriftymoneyeh.ca/.
  • Jon wants to help you crush the modern, solo lifestyle. On http://thirdwheelliving.com/ he shares tips, strategies, and benefits to living a fulfilling single life.

February 7 is International Start a Blog Day

International Start a Blog Day will celebrate the diversity of new bloggers around the world launching their blogs at the beginning of the year. It will provide a date every year where you can share your new blog, connect new bloggers, and help you get your first blog readers. If you enrol and use our course to begin a blog before February 7, you can participate in the first annual international Start a Blog Day.

International Start a Blog Day will feature:

  • A new blog honour roll listed by niche where you can share your blog’s URL
  • Live Facebook broadcasts with ProBlogger Darren Rowse
  • Spotlight profiles of new blogs and bloggers telling their story
  • Scholarship awards for new bloggers to undertake further ProBlogger training
  • Ongoing updates and progress reports on the ‘Class of 2018’ ProBlogger students

Here’s What Our Students are Saying

“I wish I had a course like this when thinking about starting my blog. The 15 questions asked in module one and two are so foundational to starting a blog, no course I have seen out there has done a very good job of it. Darren’s is the only one that goes into this detail about it and the foundation that he teaches.” – Darin

“I appreciated the ‘Why Blog?’ module. It made me realize that my ‘why’ is a bit self-centered. I know my strengths and interests but hadn’t thought through how my blog would meet the needs of a community and make an impact. Taking a few days to flush this out. Thank you!” – Jen

“Finished the first lesson, and it really made me think about my ‘why’. I didn’t know to do this with my old blogs, and I think it’s why I never really connected with my readers. Thinking about how I can make a difference is a whole different way of looking at it. And I’m looking forward to being able to help other people as well. Thanks for helping me to crystallize this!” – Darlene

“I just want to say how much I am enjoying the process (I am on Step 2), and how much I am learning about my core beliefs on the ‘why’ of my blog, and its true mission and my purpose. It is evolving from what I originally thought/saw as its role, and I am okay with that. I will tell more when I have it a bit more understood in my own heart and mind, and will be excited to share it. Until then it is great to see so many others along for the journey and sharing. I have my blog ready to start creating and look for it to be up and going no later than next weekend.” – Sheyla

Already Got a Blog?

If you already have a blog, you can still take part in International Start a Blog Day by providing your support and encouragement to the new and emerging bloggers. You may even find inspiration from these fledgling bloggers and their enthusiasm and new angles on your own topic or niche. Interestingly, we’ve also had great feedback from existing bloggers who have participated in the Starting a Blog course, saying the material covers some concepts of blogging they haven’t encountered before, and that it has sharpened their focus.

We’ve also got you covered with our next course coming out in March – “31 Days to Build a Better Blog”. The title may sound familiar – we’ve taken our best-selling book, updated it and beefed it up to help bloggers who are either in their first 30 days of a new blog or really need to breathe new life into an existing blog. If you’re interested, make sure to check out the outline of the course here and sign up to be alerted when it becomes available.

2018 is shaping up to be an exciting year.

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