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Interview with Nancy Etz of Creative Artists Agency

Nancy Etz/Creative Artists Agency
Nancy Etz/Creative Artists Agency

HBM: What ignited your passion for becoming an agent?

Nancy Etz: I was an English major in college. I loved books and the idea of bringing a story to life. As a young assistant to an agent, I saw how she was able to help clients realize their dreams of telling the story they care the most about, and that was very appealing to me. I also had a passion for business, and I saw how an agent could have an idea and act independently to bring that idea to life as a TV show or a movie. I want to say that what ignited my passion for agency life is the opportunities available to both agents and clients. I love everything about being an agent, including all of the work that goes into it, the results, and the focus given to every little detail.

HBM: What have you learned about leadership, entrepreneurship, and mentoring others?

Nancy Etz: I have had some of the most satisfying moments in my career mentoring young adults, either young agents in my department or young assistants, who’ve worked for me. Beginning a career in the entertainment business can be both confusing and challenging. I take it as my responsibility to share what I’ve experienced to make this career an easy transition for others. There is a lot that goes into becoming an agent in the entertainment industry. There’s a lot of stress and many unknowns that can easily scare away a new agent. I think that mentoring them helps relieve some of the fears they may have.

HBM: How did you get where you are today, and who/what helped you along the way?

Nancy Etz: I think I have achieved the successes I have, first and foremost, through the blessing of working with so many gifted and hard-working artists. I work hard for my clients, but it’s their work that I’m serving. I try to be honest, try to work hard, try to think about the long term and not just the short term, and I think I’ve had a fair amount of good luck. Along with good fortune, I’ve had the opportunity to have been mentored by exceptional professionals. This mentorship is what I believe is attributed to my overall success. This is also the reason why I mentor as well.

HBM: How much is creativity a daily part of your work?

Nancy Etz: Creativity is the foundation of my daily work because the clients I work for are all creative people. I enjoy learning about my clients and their individual passions and interests. I work to serve their creativity and to further their creative ambitions. I have to be aware of who my clients are and what they are doing to fully help them in their careers. Creativity comes in many forms, and I often wear many hats to ensure my clients’ well-being in this industry.

HBM: What does higher education mean to you, and how do you support it?

Nancy Etz: Higher education is an essential avenue for young people and especially young entrepreneurs, to gain academic tools and life skills that will allow them to have a successful life as an adult. I recently took my son to college, so this topic resonates with me. I recognize that my son is blessed to have advantages that lots of other kids don’t, and I try to contribute, both with my time and financially, to help those students who need an extra push to make college possible.

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