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Instagram Marketing: How to Find Hashtags That Drive Sales

E-commerce, influencers, and Instagram shops make 6-figure incomes just by selling to their audiences. The issue is: how do you streamline interested people to your page?

Today you can adjust Instagram ads, but this strategy requires investment. Ingramer hashtags generator is a tool you can try for $1 to boost your post’s reach organically and get exposed to potential clients.

Proper Instagram hashtags have a similar effect on your promotion as SEO optimization has for websites—your posts become searchable, more viewed, and appear on the “Explore” section. Just look at the statistics—62.5% of the Impressions originated from hashtags:

Ingramer Hashtag Generator

In this article, I reveal how to double profits by using just a sound hashtags strategy. Stay tuned—it’s free and easy!

Ingramer Hashtags Finder: 5 Features That Assist Your Business

This tool is available as an online desktop service, IOS app, and Android app. Ingramer hashtag generator is powered by AI and has the most sophisticated functionality when compared to its analogs.

1. Use up to 5 keys to narrow down your niche.

You can type up to 5 keys so that your hashtags set is more targeted. The hashtags analyzer database counts over 12 million hashtags and will recommend to you the most suitable ones according to Instagram.

2. Multi-language search for international sales.

If you sell on foreign markets, you need the location-tied hashtags so that people nearby could discover you. Ingramer lets you enter keys in any language and alphabet and suggests the winning related hashtags for this location.

3. Simple interface to save time.

When you research hashtags manually in the app, it is inconvenient to copy them and view related ones. Using Ingramer, you just check off the boxes, copy and paste. Effortless option: choose the search by a link or by an image to let the AI algorithm collect hashtags for you.

Compare the Ingramer interface with the in-app hashtag’s search:

Ingramer interface

4. Advanced analytics to fine-tune your strategy.

Tap on the hashtag to open the statistics, top posts, and related hashtags. You can see how many posts a day appear with a hashtag to estimate your chances and competitors.

Ingramer 3

5. Handy hashtags classification.

Ingramer sorts out hashtags by the number of posts using “Frequent”, “Average”, and “Rare”. This grouping allows you to make a diverse hashtag set to appear in many categories. Mixing hashtags of various groups will boost your organic exposure.

Is it simple to use the hashtags finder? Yes, so read up to the end of this article.

How to Research Hashtags

Step-by-step guidance:

1. Register to start the trial.

The process will take you 2 minutes. After, all the functions are available.

2. Enter keywords.

Keys can be tied to your niche, image, offer, client interests, location, product, etc. Alternative solution: search by an image or a URL. Upload a photo or a link to an existing post to get the hashtags automatically.

3. Copy and paste.

Click the checkboxes with suitable hashtags. Tap on copy and paste them into your content plan or right in the post.

Note: never repeat the same combinations of hashtags. Change the order and add new hashtags so that Instagram doesn’t think you are spamming.

4. Compare analytics.

After the post is uploaded, open the “Insights” section to view how many accounts reached you through hashtags.

Consistently testing new hashtag sets will help you identify the best ones.

Wrapping Up

A well-developed hashtags strategy will help interested clients find your page and buy your products and services. Ingramer is the most simple yet functional tool present on the market now. Try it to boost your Instagram Direct with new orders!

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