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How to Take a Break from Your Blog


Do you ever feel like you need to take a break from your blog but you feel like you’ve created a monster that just needs to keep being fed and fear that stepping away from the blog could mark the beginning of the end for it?

If so – you’re not alone.

We all need to take a break from our blogs at one point or another – whether that be to have a break and get away on a vacation, or because there’s something going on in our family that we need to give our attention to, or because we get sick or have some kind of emergency.

It’s important to have these kinds of breaks, but the question bloggers who are building a business face is – what should I do with my blog?

This is a question we’ve had a bit over in our Facebook Group lately so I decided this week to do a Facebook Live teaching session on the topic and came up with 7 options for bloggers who need a break.

Here’s the video. The first five minutes are me greeting those watching but at the 5 minute mark I switch into teaching mode and give my 7 tips with some pros and cons of each option (so you may wish to skip to there) and then I finish up with some Q&A.

To summarise my 7 teaching tips:

  1. Take a complete break – (it gives your readers a break too).
  2. Work harder before you take a break and schedule your content and social.
  3. Run a ‘best of’ retrospective series where you highlight content in your archives.
  4. Use a Guest Blogger or group of bloggers
  5. Blog from the Road
  6. Use some ‘Lighter Posts’ (like polls, discussions, curated embedded content, link posts)
  7. Do a combination of the above

If you’d like a little further reading or some examples:

What do you do to take a break from blogging? Is it one of the above tips or something else? I’m keen to hear in comments what your approach is.

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