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How to Start a Home-Based Tax Preparation Business

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Running a home-based tax preparation business is an effective way to earn a living. Tax services are always in high demand as individual income-earning citizens and companies must regularly file taxes with the government. For this reason, the chances of generating more leads and sales as a tax preparer are high.

This article explains essential steps to consider when starting a home-based tax preparation business. But even before you get started, you want to first find a tax service bureau to mentor and guide you.

Follow these steps to launch your tax preparation business:

1. Build a Business Plan

A business plan is essential to any entrepreneur, and tax preparation experts are not an exception. This is a written document you develop to act as a road map for your firm. It guides you when running your tax preparation business.

Aside from that, use a tax preparation business plan to acquire funding. This is especially true when applying for loans and seeking sponsorship programs.

Banks and other financial lending institutions want to see your business plan before approving your loan application. Also, most sponsors won’t be willing to fund your tax preparation project if you do not have a business plan.

It makes perfect sense to devote your time to developing one. If you are too busy doing other important things, consider finding professional business plan builders.

2. Organize Your Finances

Starting a home-based tax preparation business helps minimize expenses because you do not pay rent fees. However, you need to have money to run a successful company.

In the beginning, you want to have money to buy essential tools like computers, servers, network connection gadgets, software, and other office materials. Besides, you want to have money to continue paying for expenses like employee salaries (if you have them), service provider compensations, and electricity bills before you start making sales and profits. Therefore, you need to plan finances to fund your company.

The best strategy to finance your home-based tax preparation startup is utilizing your savings or disposing of some assets for cash. But if this is not an option, seek other business financing alternatives. These include applying for loans, seeking venture capital, looking for government grants, and others.

Home-Based Tax Preparation Business

3. Register Your Business

You might think that you do not have to register a home-based tax preparation business, but this is not true. Any company must register with the state, whether home-based or located in another place.

Registering your tax preparation company allows you to obtain an operating license and other permits. This also ensures you are running a legally established firm. If the government notices you run an unregistered company, It will likely fine or penalize you. And in the worst-case scenario, you can be forced to close down your store.

You also generate more revenue by registering your home-based tax preparation business. Most clients want to find services from a company that registered its name with the government.

Consider various structures when registering your home-based tax preparation company. These include a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and limited liability firm. These structures differ in ownership, how you pay taxes, and other obligations.

4. Register Your Company with Internal Revenue Service

After obtaining a working license, it is time to register with the internal revenue service. This is a government body or authority responsible for collecting taxes.

Registering with the internal revenue service enables you to obtain two significant numbers for your tax preparation home-based company. These are the preparer tax identification and electronic filing identification numbers and they allow the internal revenue service to track your transactions. Besides, the numbers allow you to file taxes online through e-tax returns services.

5. Market Your Firm

Marketing forms an integral part of your home-based tax preparation business. It is a process of increasing your brand’s visibility through adverts or promotional messages.

With marketing, many people likely know that you provide tax preparation services. As a result, you generate more customers and sales. Start marketing your tax preparation business several weeks before launching it. This ensures you start making revenues the first day you open doors to clients.

Also, implement various offline and online strategies to promote your tax preparation home-based firm. Common offline marketing methods include distributing flyers and brochures to target customers, conducting roadshows, using business cards and posters, elevating billboards along major roads and markets, and others.

Additionally, decide to go the digital way to market your tax preparation company. Some effective digital promotional strategies include content marketing, SEO marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click marketing, hiring influencers, finding affiliates, and others.


Starting a home-based tax preparation business is often a daunting task. But by following the steps in this article, you are on the way to running a successful firm.

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