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How to Prepare a Remarkable Presentation – Expert Tips

A presentation is a representation of yourself and your work. It is of no surprise that everyone wants to make the most favorable impression to their audience and a neatly prepared presentation is the best way to do this. For a spectacular presentation, not only good content but also a great way of showing it is a must. Otherwise, you risk not winning the interest of your audience.

Expert Tips

1. Outline

Like in any business, preparation always makes sense. It’s of no surprise that all great speakers advise to prepare a detailed plan intended to simplify the speech. Put together an in-depth plan to build a presentation. It will highlight your thoughts and provide the opportunity to make the best use of the facts and arguments you are going to present to your viewers. Having completed the plan, you will see how all the data are lined up in a smooth presentation. It will also help you to pick a brochure template docs poweredtemplate.com to meet your specific needs.

2. Design

Slide design should be simple. It is necessary that the main idea of ​​the slide can be easily and quickly perceived, in 10-15 seconds. The limit for a text to be used on a single slide is 290 characters, which is about 30-35 words. The slide should not be overwhelmed with drawings and other “decorations” in order to not complicate how it’s perceived nor to distract attention from the main idea. The main idea should be immediately visible. What is more, it is recommended to use elements of the company’s corporate style, a positive visual series related to the topic of your speech.

3. Fragmentation

It is desirable that there is only one significant element on a single slide. This is an element on which the viewer will pay attention. If other elements are conceived on the slide, it is necessary that they are clearly subordinated to the main unit, that is, to be smaller and less bright. As a result, the human’s vision will first focus on the main element of the slide.

4. Color Scheme

The use of colors also makes sense here. The appropriate color scheme is used to create a mood, call forth certain associations, or to focus a person on a particular element of a slide. The use of a single color scheme throughout the presentation facilitates the possibility of creating the impression of the integrity of the performance and the structural coherence of all its parts.

5. Animation

Special effects are to be reduced to an absolute minimum in your presentation. The reason for this is that animation can significantly worsen the impression of the presentation. A presentation that is rich in flashing, moving colored elements dropping out and moving from different sides of the screen will be transformed from a slideshow into a kaleidoscope. In this case, even the most attentive and interested viewers will face problems in focusing on the meaning and content of the presentation.

We do hope the above tips will help you prepare a truly winning presentation!

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