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How to Kick-Start Your Company Brand

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Alongside your company name the next order of priority should be your branding. Getting this right is crucial – it needs to be eye-catching, unique and reflect the market you want to attract.

There are certain logos you can think of from companies that you’ve either used or just know from their position in the market. This is the power of branding, and the difference it can make to the success of your business shouldn’t be underestimated.

So, how do you kick start your branding? What are the key areas that need to be considered to pack the biggest punch to your audience? In this post, Promotional Plus discuss how branding can impact your business success and how products can help you do this.

Reach Your Target Audience Via Colours

Your branding will speak to your customers, so think about the products you buy and how these are reflected in the colours you choose from. You may not realise it, but colours dictate whether a product is bargain, mid-range or premium; from your weekly shopping up to big products such as household appliances.

Think about what market you’re attracting – inexpensive tends to focus on the blues and reds, whilst up-market, expensive products will focus around silver and black. To set yourself apart from competitors, you need to ensure your brand colours are on point – take a look at this guide from Mashable for some initial advice.

Know Your Brand Message

Understanding the message received by potential customers from your branding is vital for success as you can tailor all of your promotional material to suit. If your message is right then, people will understand your values and be more inclined to trust your business.

Your brand message isn’t a cheesy slogan. It’s about what you stand for and finding your voice that will carried throughout your marketing, strategy and team. Getting everyone bought into the message you’re portraying will give a higher chance of success; there’s a lot of interesting research available on how to really tap into your customers’ way of thinking.

Maintain Consistency

It’s too easy to lose the message when you’re thinking about branding and getting swept up by all of the marketing material that goes with. You need to ensure there is consistency between those who are representing your business and the material promoting your business.

Your website, blog, signage, stationary and how businesses use promotional products needs to be consistent all the time to save confusing customers, clients and members of staff.

There isn’t a golden rule for kick-starting your brand, you just need to ensure that you know what you stand for and stick to it. There will be both good and bad feedback as you start go through, but your message needs to remain clear!

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