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How to Be a More Consistent Blogger


Sometimes, life just gets in the way of blogging.

Sometimes your motivation is waning, sometimes work is too busy, sometimes the kids are sick, and sometimes you just need a break. But we all know consistent posting is one of the keystones to blogging success, and so sorting out a workflow that helps you be more productive or use your time more wisely can be one of the best things you can do.

How to Be a More Consistent Blogger

I wanted to discuss this topic on today’s ProBlogger podcast after a question from Jason Stevens from Digital Tools of the Trade – how do you maintain blogging consistency?

If this is something you struggle with (it would be the rare blogger who didn’t at some point!), I hope today’s tips help keep your motivation out of the pits, and your blog out of the dead zone (and if it’s content ideas that are hindering you, don’t forget to download our free file with 180 blog post ideas to help keep you on track).

If it’s something else that holds you back, you might find today’s discussion is just what you need – and if it’s something else you struggle with, please feel free to leave a comment or a tweet and let me know what it is.

Discussion points:

  • Managing your expectations
  • Brainstorming and content idea creation
  • Prioritising tasks
  • What to do when you start well but never finish
  • Ranking post types
  • Tools
  • Editorial calendars and content schedules
  • Getting back to your roots

Motivation changes as every blogger does, but sometimes it just takes one small, simple idea to help you frame your experience differently, and all of a sudden you’re on fire again.

I hope you find that idea today.

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