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How the JHON-JHON Institute Equips Cosmetic Practitioners with the Confidence They Seek

Global marketplaces, job positions, and companies are restructuring at an exponential pace today thanks to a “new normal” we are embracing in 2021. These changes are helping individuals consider a new possible future for themselves, one filled with passion and purpose. As cosmeticians and those considering joining the world of permanent makeup dive head-first into an industry that holds their wants and desires, one business, the JHON-JHON Institute, is providing these individuals with the confidence they seek.

So how did a company dedicated to cosmetic education come into existence? It all began when JHON-JHON Ventura himself decided to give back and make people’s lives better. Watching his grandmother, the apple of his eye, battle ovarian cancer, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, JHON-JHON wanted to do what he could to make her feel as comfortable as possible.

Proactive Permanent Makeup

One day at the hospital, he saw a sign that read “make up for a day” to help cancer patients feel beautiful. JHON-JHON thought to himself, “Why does it need to just be for one day? Why can’t cancer patients feel beautiful always?” He did his research and found what resided in the world of permanent makeup for lips, areolas, eyeliner, and eyebrows. However, he discovered that there was a lack of education surrounding these beauty services, making it hard for individuals to enjoy their benefits, which is what inspired him to take matters into his own hands and create a clinic.

“I wanted to help my clients feel beautiful and charming, even while they battled one of the hardest diseases on the planet,” said JHON-JHON. “I wanted to make them feel loved and appreciated, too. What’s the point of life if we don’t all do our part to make the people we love feel comfortable and seen?”

Comprehensive Confidence

Today, JHON-JHON manages his institute that provides a wide variety of services and training courses, including permanent cosmetics, microblading, skin color and scar camouflage, hair follicle replication, plasmafibroblasting, eyelash extensions, lash lifts, and semi-permanent mascara. The institute will soon be adding facials, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, and Botox to their service repertoire as well.

“We like to think of ourselves as a one-stop-shop, helping all of our clients to feel totally cared for,” said JHON-JHON. “Every treatment is detailed and custom tailored to the clients’ needs. We are all human beings at the end of the day, which is why we all, on a deep level, understand each other and our desire to feel loved. That’s what I’m devoting my life to do, every single day.”

JHON-JHON Institute Founder JHON-JHON Ventura
JHON-JHON Institute Founder JHON-JHON Ventura

JHON-JHON concluded by stating, “love what you do and you will never work a day in your life.” The institute is working hard to weather the COVID-19 storm and regulatory requirements today, understanding their permanent makeup services are essential for people around the world. The team will continue to do their part to make their services safe and accessible during these trying times.

We asked a former student, Irene Saenz, what she thought of Jhon-Jhon Institute and Jhon-Jhon Ventura, and this is what she said:

“I started at the Jhon Jhon Institute about 5 years ago, taking classes in Microblading, Definition Eyebrows and Micropigmentation. I recently finished his newest course: Fibroblast Plasma Pen.

One of the best things about the Institute is the support they give to not just current, but previous students as well. The staff is very helpful. It is more like a family than a school. Jhon Jhon is always on top of the newest technology and techniques to keep graduates of the Institute up to date with continuing education.

As a single mother of two, I was at a crossroads in my life and trying to find the perfect balance between parenting and career. The permanent make-up industry has exploded in the past decade, and Jhon Jhon provided me the tools, training and education I needed to get my foot in the door. Giving me the flexibility to work around my kids’ school schedules, as well as make an income that would allow me to provide for my family.

Unlike other schools where once you graduate, you are on your own, Jhon Jhon continues to give me the support needed to continuously grow and evolve not just within, but also with the industry. From a professional and a business standpoint. Helping me to set up a business model. Thanks to the support I received, I am the proud owner of not one, but two permanent make-up clinics. With not only the professional knowledge, but how to run a successful business, hire employees, and make a profit.

I would recommend the Jhon Jhon Institute to anyone wanting to establish themselves in the permanent make-up industry. Jhon Jhon and his staff will be there every step of the way to help to ensure the highest level of training and success.”

For more information, or to learn more about the JHON-JHON Institute, follow Jhon-Jhon Ventura on Instagram @jhonjhonventura or visit: https://www.jhonjhon.com/about.html.

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