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Does Your Email Marketing Actually Work? A Look AT ROI

Email Marketing

A Look At Email Marketing Statistics

Email is a medium – a channel. It is a means to the end. The end is the sale, but generally brands need to push the public to know how to purchase. This may be telling them about the products, telling them where to purchase, or encouraging them to buy again after previous advertising opportunities. Email marketing is usually a great channel to help tell that audience in the public about the product. Email is not the end-all, be all. Email simply pushes people to do something. At Data-Dynamix, we understand the importance of email being a channel and therefore we understand that the analytics behind an email are just as the email itself.

In marketing, we like to look at the return on investment. This means that we are looking at how marketing campaigns perform in order to measure their effectiveness. This is especially important when our clients are looking at concrete budgets and meeting certain sales objectives. Digital marketing in general, is perhaps one of the best ways to accurately measure your return on investment. Email marketing specifically is a great tool with the digital marketing to effectively see how well your marketing efforts are working. You can see concrete numbers on how your campaign performed. Not all marketing strategies can do that.

At Data-Dynamix, we measure a few key indicators to see the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign by ourselves or by our clients. Today, we’re going to walk you through a few of those key stats that we care about.

Open Rate

The open rate is an important number that we look at to help determine how effective an email marketing campaign performs. This number shows how many people actually opened your email. Typically, this rate’s effectiveness is based on the subject line, the preview section of the email, the overall look of the sender, and the data used to target the audience! We’ve discussed these topics before on our blog, where you can learn more about how to improve your emails’ open rates.

Click Through Rate

Click Through Rates are even more valuable to us than Open Rate viewers because these are people who actually did something with the email itself. This number shows people who clicked on one of the links and therefore responded to some call-to-action present in the email. There was some level of interest if someone clicks through. Click-through rates are more dependent on the actual body of the email and the message you give. Quality creative images and well-crafted messaging will hook a viewer into doing something with the email.


Timing is so important in email marketing. With so many emails coming in each day, you need to catch your prospects at a good time of day and good day of the week. Careful studies of your industry and your audience will help you determine when that time is. Emails sent at prime times will get a better stats. However, if you send an email completely opposite to when your audience is using email, you may find your campaign got lost in the shuffle.

There are countless stats that you can pull from an email marketing campaign. There may be specific pieces of information that make more sense for you to track compared to another marketer. However, the important thing is that you are tracking your email marketing’s return and analyzing the effectiveness of that campaign for your brand.

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