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Creative Ways to Give Your Home an External Facelift

The front facade is the first thing that people notice about a house, so an eye-catching view is sure to turn heads. If you are planning to sell the house, inappropriate exterior finishes would put off the potential buyers. A beautiful front facade indicates that the house is well-looked-after and is in great condition. It also creates an impression that the house would look good on the inside. Owning a home is a meaningful experience for many so an aesthetically appealing front design would add more value to it. A thoughtfully designed facade will boost curb appeal and improve the market value of a home. A curb appeal makeover tends to create a more welcoming home. Facelifting a home significantly improves outward appearance but usually does not involve major changes.

Replacing your old windows and doors with modern and efficient ones would be the first step in renovating a house. Taking seasonal conditions into consideration, autumn would be the best time to renovate owing to its comfortable weather. An important aspect of reviving a home would be choosing a reliable window and door company that offers a wide range of styles and provides great installation services. If you’re considering upgrading your home’s exterior, there are clever ways to go about it. The Window experts in Toronto offer innovative features and easy installation.

Here’s a list of ways you can modernize your home and enhance its aesthetic appearance.

Bay or Bow Window

Windows perform a very important role as they provide striking views, bring in light, and display the home’s architectural character.

Installing a bay or bow window will surely draw attention. There are many advantages to installing a bay window — it will beautify a home and captivate the eyes of pedestrians and visitors. Both windows are similar in appearance, as they are built outwardly from an outside wall and contain about 3-5 glass panes. The most frequently used shapes are isosceles triangle, trapezoid, and rectangle. The addition of a bay window will provide an ample amount of sunlight.

Along with sophistication, the bay windows tend to provide stunning views, natural light, and window seats in cozy alcoves. The surrounding space can be utilized as a lounge area, a reading nook, or for storage purposes. The bay window is sure to give an elegant and neat look to your home.

French Window

French windows create a natural continuity between exterior and interior elements. They are capable of making a simple garden seem ultra-inviting and will add character and romance to a room. Large windows tend to bring in brightness and improve quality of life. In this age where sliding windows are becoming extremely popular, the French window continues to be cherished by many. Another added benefit is affordability. Make sure the window is in harmony with the overall architectural style of your house. If you are looking for a fresh, clean, and bright feel, then this would be a great option.

Stained Glass
Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

Stained Glass

Stained glass combines traditional historical elements with modern designs. If you are looking to incorporate contemporary styles into your outdated home then stained glass windows are a great pick for you. They will make your home memorable and exude authenticity.

They give an artistic vibe and will increase your privacy because of their extensive designs and decorations.

Fibreglass Entry Doors

Conventional front doors perform two important functions — prevent harsh weather and restrict unwanted intruders. They need to be strong, sturdy and look nice.

Fibreglass doors are very durable and are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions — they are resistant to rust and corrosion. They provide many advantages over traditional wooden doors. They are tougher, more customizable, and perform better under sudden climate changes. Furthermore, they are easy to maintain and are quite resistant to denting. The doors are energy-efficient since they create a thermal break between the inner and outer surfaces, preventing condensation and frost.

When compared to steel doors, fibreglass doors can resist extreme temperature changes and do not expand or contract due to heat or cold. While steel doors transfer heat from outside to inside, fibreglass doors remain relatively cool. Fibreglass offers several advantages such as a longer lifespan, a wide range of styles and colors, energy efficiency, easier installation procedures, and low maintenance.

The fibreglass comes in a variety of sizes and frame colors and can fit nearly any home. It offers smooth finishes and resembles a real wooden door. Adding decorative door lights and sidelights can further enhance your home’s appearance.

Important factors to consider while replacing or buying doors and windows are airflow, natural light, and energy efficiency. Look at the purchasing of doors and windows as an investment and make sure that they are both functional and have unique features.

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