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Community Discussion: Analysis of Your Most Popular Post

So here at ProBlogger we love to look at what has been successful and what hasn’t in terms of content, and learn from it. There is always something to be taken away from each experience, and it’s important to know the difference.

There have been times when something unexpected has done really well, and in those times we really narrow down and pinpoint what it could be that worked so well, and how we missed it in the first place! But also we know we’re onto a winner when a blog post is useful, timely, solves a pain point for our readers, and gets shared by influential bloggers with authority in our niche. If it’s comprehensive we’re halfway there. We strive to have all our posts follow this formula, but as you know, every now and again a post will just fly.

Because replicating success is one of the best things you can do, today we’re inviting you to go through the last six months of your blog and find your most popular post. Go through each section of it and figure out what it was that made that blog post sing. Where was it shared? Was it a list post or a tutorial? Did it have images that worked well on Pinterest? Or was it SEO that helped it along?

Feel free to share your post in the comments below, with your analysis – how did it get such a great reaction, and how can you recreate that?

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