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Celebrity Swag Expert Gifts Golden Globes Nominees

Hollywood Swag Bag offers invaluable 2016 red carpet award seasons product placement opportunities.

Market to Celebrities and Grow Your Business with Hollywood Swag Bag

The major players of film and television come to a head at the Golden Globes 2016 award show on January 10, 2015. With a slew of soul shaking films and television shows vying for the golden statuette, the competition was fierce. Brie Larson’s performance in Room that earned her a Best Actress (drama) Golden Globe gave the viewer an eerie sense of being sentenced along with her to a lonely lifetime in a shack eating Wonder Bread peanut butter sandwiches and daydreaming at a skylight for entertainment. Hollywood’s favorite It Girl Jennifer Lawrence caught the audience’s sympathy and laughs in Joy as a divorced mother turned mompreneur, and she took home Best Actress as well for her comedic chops. Best Actor winner Leonardo DiCaprio delivered a performance of grief and vengeance that surpasses in caliber his long repertoire of achievements.

Along with receiving respect and adoration from top entertainment executives through the receipt of these prestigious accolades, celebrity nominees were in for a treat. Upon arriving in their suite at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills this past weekend, a glamorous surprise awaited them: swag bags stuffed with tasty, trendy, and high-profile products. Celebrity Swag Guru Lisa Gal acted as a medium for many growing and established businesses to get their products directly in the hands of celebrities.

Hollywood Swag Bag is the most coveted product placement company to connect with A-list celebrities. Many gifting suites are held at external Los Angeles locations. Celebrities have intense schedules: endless meetings, rehearsals, interviews, and filming of productions. Like us, they strive for a work/life balance, and many prefer to stay home with their families during the little free time they are granted. Award show weekends can be especially demanding for nominees considering the fittings, red carpets, and hair and makeup chairs to sit in. Lisa Gal founded Hollywood Swag Bag in 1994 to streamline the process and make it convenient for both the celebrities and her team.

Along with award shows, Lisa sets up Hollywood Baskets for celeb’s newborn babes. To honor the new child, her company sends them a huge basket of complimentary products to help the new parents.

Celebrities have posted thank-you pics on their social media pages, and have taken candid shots with hashtags that link to various products gifted. Hollywood Swag Bag can be a key asset for startups to branch into the celebrity branding market!

Visit http://www.hollywoodswagbag.com/ to learn how you can get your products in the hands of celebrities and key players in the entertainment, music and fashion industries, through gift bags, celebrity lounges, premiers, and other targeted programs. Your product can also receive extensive exposure through Hollywood Swag Bag with a paid press release submitted to thousands of media outlets. -HBM

This year’s Four Seasons Hotel Gift Swag Bags honoring Golden Globe Weekend included:

City Slinger cross body sling bag by Sacs of Life

Toast Vodka 

Sacs of Life City Slinger Tote   

Chaviv Hair Beverly Hills $5000 hair extension  

Reviv3 Hair Shampoo and Treatment

Trumbo (Hachette Book Group) 

Hachette Book Group Books Trumbo and Before the Fall

Travertine Spa Shower Spray 

Saison Beauty Organic Skincare

Lizora Skincare

Go Puck Wearable Power
GO PUCK 5X lightweight mobile device charger

Go Puck (Wearable Power)

Fusion Wellness Physical Therapy

Aviation Hydration

Made With A Mission Candles 

Boardwalk Food Company
Craft Beer Pretzel Mix by Boardwalk Food Company

Boardwalk Food Company

Newport Skinny Tea

SOS Hydrate

jKnix Knickers

Inspired by Happiness
Inspired by Happiness White Chocolate ShortCake

Inspired by Happiness (Gluten Free Cakes)

Garden of Life Vitamins


BOXYGEN Home Fitness Program

Card Holder-25-900x500
Cordwain Blue Gift Card Holder by SleevePal

SleevePal Gift Card Holder

Sweet Cheeks Sugar Body Scrubs

Expose Yourself Public Relations

Gift Bags by Hollywood Swag Bag


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