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Can I Get a Little EQSP? Why Having an EQSP Can Help You Succeed in Sales Today!

Welcome to September. Last month, I talked (wrote) about having a sales process. This month, I want to follow up on that article and share the EQSP approach to integrate into how you sell.

What is EQSP?

EQSP stands for having Empathy, the Q is about being able to ask good Questions of your clients, the S is positioning yourself as a “Solutions” provider, and the P is about having Patience in your approach to selling.

In this market environment that we’re in, it is important to have Empathy for your customers; the reason being is that with everything we have gone through this past year has had a toll on our emotions and feelings.


The E in this EQSP approach is having “empathy” and being sensitive towards customers. As a business owner, it is imperative that have compassion and allow your client room to be. The late Dr. Stephen Covey said in his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “Seek to understand before being understood.” This means when you sell, it is important that you take time to see where your clients are at. This means where they are at personally, business wise and emotionally too!

Check in with your clients to assess where they are at on all levels and then you can deliver ideas and solutions to help them move forward. In business, we often want to push our own agenda in a sales situation, now is more about getting to know your clients before you push your product or service and offer them value, ideas, and solutions.


The Q in this EQSP approach is about your ability to ask good “questions”. This also backs up what Stephen Covey taught when he mentioned that you must seek to understand rather being understood. You must ask open-ended questions and poll for what your clients want, require.

Mine for opportunities and possibilities. I would go so far to say that you begin to prepare good questions so when you meet your clients you sit and get clear on their hopes, goals, challenges and dreams.


The S in this EQSP approach is about sharing your “solutions” and value with clients and prospects. Value is the about the benefits you offer your clients and how they can achieve what they want to in business and or life. You want to position yourself as a “solutions” provider.

You want to win, but your customer must win and achieve their goals. When you can solve problems for your clients, this is vital to long-term, mutually-beneficial business relationships!

eqsp sales tactics


Finally, the P in this EQSP approach is about having “patience” when you sell. With the volatile times we’re in, sales cycles have changed and so, closing a deal might take a little longer; however, hang in there. Nurture your client, don’t push too hard, always share your value and solutions, take the “temperature” of your clients, and just be patient with the whole process.

In closing, practice the EQSP approach in how you work with your clients. It will help you be successful, and it will help your clients succeed as well if you do!

Until next month,

David Cohen

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