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Business Owner Helps Others Experience Greater Personal Satisfaction and Productivity

A Coach for Entrepreneurs

Marc SchwartzMarc Schwartz experienced his first personal development workshop twenty nine years ago, and from that point on he was hooked. “Over these many years I’ve attended hundreds of programs, and from each a nugget was extracted that’s helped me not only survive but thrive.”

This includes starting and building a corporate training and consulting business twenty two years ago as well as several very successful network marketing businesses. According to Marc, he has also presented seminars, workshops, and lectures to over 45,000 people worldwide.

Interestingly enough, there have been many failures along the way to include being involved in at least fourteen network marketing businesses that didn’t work out. It would have been enough to deter most people, but Marc truly believes that he has learned more from these failures than his successes.

“I believe the keys to success in network marketing or any home-based business are having a great product and a generous comp plan,” says Marc. “But first and foremost, we must know who we are and how we can best bring our product or service to market in a way that flows for each of us. If we go against our nature, then everything turns into drudgery and struggle. That’s why I think a lot of people give in… they are tired of swimming up stream against the current.”

One of the greatest contributors to Marc’s understanding about how to build a solid and sustaining home-based business came from a groundbreaking book by Dr. Sherry Buffington entitled The Law of Abundance. This success system is solidly based on the irrefutable laws of physics and explains the unfailing principles that absolutely ensure success to anyone working within this universal law.

“In addition,” says Marc, “I also understood that even though I was an executive coach for my corporate clients I too needed a coach for my home-based business. If people could obtain the change they wanted in their lives, they would have done it by now…on their own. The truth is most of us need help to get on and stay on the track to success. Most of us need a coach to insure that the right behavior shifts occur.” For more information, visit http://energyofsuccess.net/. HBM

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