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Are Your Fonts Working for Your Marketing?

Marketing has never been more important and now a new study reveals it’s not just what you write but what font you write it in.

Research by promotional experts 4imprint.co.uk reveals what your font says about you and your business and discovered that almost three quarters of workers (70 percent) insist typography is as revealing as what we actual write.

In fact, according to the study by the promotional products retailer, three in ten (31 percent) of those polled said they make a first impression of someone based on their email font BEFORE they’ve even met them in person.

Five top tips from the report:

  1. Want to be taken seriously? Then Ariel is the font for you. According to the data, people who use Arial are the most likely to be serious and professional by 37 percent of the nation.
  2. Want to be seen as traditional? Companies who fire off missives in Times New Roman are likely to be ‘traditional’ according to 14 percent.
  3. If your brand is a little ‘extra’, then Pacifico may be the typeface for you as users are perceived as adventurous and extroverted by 20 percent of workers in the UK.
  4. If you want to come across as academic, then opt for Century Gothic as users are seen as more inclined to be academic and bookish by 10 percent of us, while individuals that opt for Rockwell are perceived as ambitious (10 percent).
  5. Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of respondents said that they wouldn’t read any form of literature if it was written using the Comic Sans MS font. So that is one to avoid in your email marketing!

It’s clear that the font we use can make a lasting impression in the business world. That’s great advice as we all know it is tough in the business world now and the one resource you can use cost effectively is right at your fingertips with email. And with much of the UK working from home, emails are also a great way of reaching your customers.

Email marketing is one of the many digital marketing techniques that businesses of all sizes can adopt, as research has consistently proven it can still deliver great results. In fact, another survey shows that email open rates have jumped by nearly five percent from the previous year and at the same time, unsubscribe rates are down, which means businesses are getting the hang of inbox engagement.

Now’s the time to revamp your email font and get the most out of your marketing. It has never been more important to use all the weapons in your business arsenal and who knew we lived in a world where people will ignore us if we use one font over another. Click here to read the full report on why typography matters.

First impressions matter, which is why you should apply the principles above to wider marketing tactics as brand recognition is a key factor in achieving success in today’s fast-paced multi-channel environment.

Getting your message and brand out there is key to getting vital customer recognition. The data speaks for itself. Promotional products are another key marketing tool that any business can use to build brand recognition, even on a small budget and within tight deadlines.

And when further research reveals that people recall a brand or a promotional product they received in the past 12 months, you might want to send those who look forward to opening up and reading their emails a branded promotional gift to seal the deal!

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