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Advice for Making 2021 ‘Your Year’: How to Have the Ultimate Comeback!

Now that Year 2021 is in full swing, many people are seeking to make some changes to ensure that this year is way better than the last. Whether that is personally, career-wise, or both, there are a few steps we can consider beforehand to make sure we go through this year with a positive mindset.

We’ve gathered must-know tips from top wellness experts and industry professionals on just how to make 2021 ‘your year’!

Take Time to Create and Cultivate:

Life Coach Emily Rivera suggests creating a life story that pulls you into your best and highest daily! “You are ultimately the gate keeper, that one in charge of making life happen. Take time to create and cultivate a life vision that inspires you to commit to it daily.”

Emily Riviera
Life Coach Emily Rivera. Photo Credit: Emagen Photo

We have forgotten we are in charge of creating a life that inspires us to be the best versions of ourselves. How do we do that?

1. Create a life vision that pulls you and inspires you into action daily. Let the vision be the catalyst that has you saying YES daily.

2. Be clear in your WHY. Why is this life vision worthy of your time and attention? How will it deliver you into the best version of yourself?

3. Make a list of 10 to 20 action steps that will deliver you into the outcomes you desire. After the list has been created, organize them by priority. Then break the steps into micro milestones. Once the micro milestones are determined, schedule them in your calendar. SO that momentum is maintained through the year.

4. Own and believe it is possible. Inundate yourself with books, experiences, learning, and images that reinforce the vision and the belief system that it is possible for you.

5. Lastly, commit to enjoying yourself through the process. Living and creating from joy makes you limitless. It delivers you into the actions, mindset, and synchronicities that make all things possible.

Find “Me Time”:

“Finding ‘me time’ can sometimes be difficult,” states Celebrity Relationship Coach Nicole Moore. “But, ‘me time’ is essential to maintain a healthy life balance.”

Celebrity Relationship Coach Nicole Moore
Celebrity Relationship Coach Nicole Moore. Photo Credit: Biscotti

Here are some tips for finding that time for yourself and why it’s important.

1) “Me time” makes you less reactive with friends and family. Grab some headphones, pop in some meditation music, and take even just 5 minutes to zen out at the start of your day. Starting your day with five minutes where you’re meditating, listening to calming music, or checking in with your body can set the tone for your entire day by resetting your nervous system to calm.

Spending time in quiet mediation with yourself, even for a few minutes, sends the message to yourself that you matter, which makes it easier to manage the day and the year ahead. Dr. Olivia Audrey suggests clearing your mind by getting active, because “every step counts!”

Dr. Olivia Audrey
Dr. Olivia Audrey. Photo Credit: Stewart Smith

2) Take some time each day to sit with a journal or the notes app on your phone and write down things you’re grateful for or things that you’re proud of.  Spend five minutes with yourself, even if you have to do it while you’re in the bathroom to get some privacy, connecting with yourself and sending yourself love. “Me time” grounds you in the present moment and when you’re present, that’s when the magic happens.

Come From a Place of Gratitude:

“A few tips and best ways to have an incredible year is to start by coming from a place of extreme gratitude for where you are, for all that you have, and for who you are at this moment–without wanting to change yourself, find fault, or compare yourself to others,” Registered Dietician and Certified Nutritionist, Melissa Kathryn, states. Find gratitude in the simplest of things – because, name, you are blessed beyond measure.

Certified Nutritionist Melissa Kathryn
Certified Nutritionist Melissa Kathryn. Photo Credit: Nikki Incandela

“Be intentional  – we create what we experience. Set a clear intention for what you want to experience in the year ahead,” Kathryn explains. “Get detailed. How do you want it to feel, what do you want to experience, create, achieve, and who do you want to become by 2022?“

Get Creative and Collaborate:

“2021 is the year for collaboration and co-evolution,” states Life Coach Jules Scroeder. “If you are ready to go big, create win-wins with those around you and those who inspire you to create more momentum faster.”

Life Coach Jules Scroeder
Life Coach Jules Scroeder. Photo Credit: Brooke Genn

“2020 was an unprecedented year. There was so much suffering and churn, with the spread of COVID-19, as well as our political climate in America. Combining all of that, and job losses in America, 2020 seriously has been a ‘messy’ year. But there has been a silver lining,” states Singer/Songwriter Gilli Moon. “So for 2021, it’s about taking this ‘beautiful mess’ into a new year, and empowering myself, and those around me, to find the light, see the positives, and shine brightly. It’s all about intention: setting our sights on a beautiful life, which I intend to do, and showcase through my new double album (which debuted on January 21, 2021).”

Gilli Moon
Singer/Songwriter Gilli Moon

I’m not saying not to have goals, but we can’t change and won’t achieve the success and happiness we really want if we are rejecting where and who we are now. This is because we are operating from a place of lack instead of love. Be kind and be patient with yourself.

“Get in your body- if we’ve learned anything from 2020, it has been to slow down, connect to yourself, and listen,” Schroeder explains. “Let that insight propel you forward by creating a daily embodiment practice, even if it’s 5 minutes to keep you out of your head and more present to yourself, your intuition, and the moment.”

Turn 2020 into a positive moment and think about all of the growth with you, regardless of how massive or not. Celebrate each and every win! I believe the most powerful manifesting comes NOT from sitting and doing endless lists, but rather from being happy and grateful now.

Let’s make 2021 your year!

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