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A Simple Exercise to Help You Write Effective Sales Copy


If you’ve got four minutes to spare today, I can help you nail your sales copy.

I recently heard Ed Dale of The Challenge and MagCast speak at a conference on the topic, and I took pages and pages of notes – copywriting, marketing, and sales are the biggest things I’ve struggled with, as I imagine plenty of you do too.

For most, selling doesn’t come easy. Sometimes we can feel sleazy and pushy, or we are so worried about coming across that way that we undersell or don’t do anything at all. Ed talked about how we should flip it around in our head and remind ourselves that we are helping our readers solve a problem, or providing value in their lives.

If you’re selling a quality product (or want to!) and you’re stuck on how to write things that will encourage people to purchase, then you might want to give this exercise a try. As I said earlier, it can take as little as four minutes, but can make a huge impact on your income.


I want you to sit down and do today’s copywriting challenge and let me know how you went.

This exercise could also be useful in a whole heap of other places

  • Best place to try this is before you create the product – what are your readers pains and desired gains
  • Thinking about starting a new blog or niche
  • When choosing categories for your blog
  • When creating opt-ins for your blog
  • When brainstorming and deciding what to write about
  • When writing a post – get in touch with the specific need

What do you struggle with? Is it the feeling and emotion attached to selling? Is it the technical side? Is it the writing? Or idea creation?

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