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8 Flexible Side Hustles for Women That Can Earn Them an Extra Income

Who wouldn’t want to earn some extra money? We can all agree that apart from having a steady full-time job, it is a great feeling to have some side income. Irrespective of whether you are saving up for a dream wedding, down payment for buying a house, or saving for your child’s college, some extra money can help a lot.

Our day jobs help in paying the bills or for daily expenses. However, with a side hustle, you can make a lot of improvements in your life as you will have the extra cash to utilize. There are hundreds of ideas for starting a side gig, but the varieties make it harder to choose. With this article, we will highlight some of the side hustles for women.

Our goal by the end of this post is to help you find a side hustle that will work best for you. Before we get started, let’s understand what side hustling really means. Side hustling basically means any type of employment which one takes in addition to having a full-time job. So, it means that someone is hiring you for your service, and you are getting paid for the work.

If you are passionate about something, then you can start earning extra income through a side hustle. A side hustle is not the same thing as a part-time job. In a part-time job, you will have a boss who will call the shots. But, with a side hustle, you have more liberty of time, the amount of work, and so on. Having a side hustle can prove to be a practical option for many who wants to dip their hands in trying out their passion. A side hustle can also be a very helpful choice for people who want extra money to pay off debts.

Why are more and more women joining the bandwagon and launching side hustles?

All of us want job stability and regular income. However, many women require more stability as they tend to want to create a nest and feel secured. A side hustle creates that blanket of security. Many women have started side hustles and went on to make them full-time careers.

Although some will deny it, we cannot ignore the age-old pay gap between a man and a woman. So, between paying the bills and the expenses for our daily needs, the salaries from our full-time jobs aren’t enough to save. In order to combat the disparity, many women focus on a backup plan.

Taking on a side hustle doesn’t mean that you will have to give up your day job unless you wish to do so. It is time that we take matters into our own hands and strive for what we want.

You can begin small by investing 2 to 3 hours of your day into it. There are countless women who have become successful entrepreneurs from what first began as a side hustle. A side hustle can ignite one’s passion. Turning a passion into a full-time earning job is what many people yearn for. Whatever extra money you make, you can save or buy the things that you have always wished to buy.

Apart from the extra cash, you can also learn new skills or get better at something you already knew about. Side hustling is all about making the best use of your skills and talents to generate money.

Let’s get into the core idea behind this post and try to figure out which type of side hustle can work best for you. There are many flexible freelance gigs available; pinpoint one that best fits you and start earning an income.

Eight flexible side hustles

1. Start an online handbag rental business

Online rental businesses are making huge profits in the market today. There are millions of people who cannot afford to buy a designer brand but wish to flaunt one for a special occasion. In such cases, a rental business is a solution — they rent out luxury accessories and clothing at a budget-friendly rate.

Designer handbags are high in demand, but not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to buy them. If you have good knowledge about handbags and the brands, you can start an online rental business. A good example is Elaine Hau who is a millennial influencer and owner of Luxury Fashion Rentals, an online handbag rental company.

To be successful in this niche, you will need to build a strong social media and networking presence. You will also have to study your target audience and know your competitors. Taking on a digital marketing course is the best and fastest way to build the necessary digital marketing skills to promote your store to the right audience and make sales.

2. Monetize your blog through sponsored blog posts

Another great side hustle for women is monetizing blogs via sponsored blog posts. What is a sponsored blog post? In a sponsored blog post, a blogger is paid to talk about a product or a brand within the post. You can talk about the product or the brand and how using their product has been beneficial for you.

Alexis Schroeder, for example, makes over $3000 per month through sponsored posts, and she says that an easy way to get noticed is by creating a profile on sites that attract sponsors.

You can then reach out to brands and tell them how you can campaign for their brand via your blog posts. If you are a beginner, be careful when naming your blog because this is how your readers will identify you online. You can sign up for newsletters that offer sponsored post opportunities and create a media kit. Having a media kit will show sponsors your demographic, statistics, bio, and other things in a single PDF file.

3. Become an influencer

Social media is the go-to platform for everyone in this digital era. People love sharing their lives with the world, and the world is entertained by this phenomenon. There are many YouTubers, TikTokers, and Instagram influencers who make money through sharing their content with the masses.

If this is something that sounds interesting and doable, then start by creating high-quality content. Be it a makeup tutorial, wardrobe hack, or fitness routine, make it interesting and interactive. As an influencer, people earn profitable income by endorsing products or generating views on their content.

Top influencers find a niche for themselves by creating content that followers can resonate with. There are lots of brands that will pay you if you endorse them, but for that, you need to do your research and continue working hard.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

4. Be a freelance writer

Many young women have started writing freelance content on the side. As a freelance writer, you get to be your own boss and work on your own terms. In freelance writing, you are not running a company that requires all your time and effort. You are rendering a service to help businesses run.

The reason why freelance writing is a good side income for everyone is that every business operates on content. Quality content is required for a business’ promotion, introducing their brand, or starting a website.

As a freelance content writer, you can promote your writing online to gain more clients. Trust and reliability are the main factors which your client will look for when hiring a writer. Freelance writing is also a good option if you are a stay-at-home mum. This job will allow you to take care of your young ones and will give you the liberty to work in your free time.

5. Start a fashion blog

We live in an era where apart from the usual advertising campaigns, such as running magazine ads, bloggers have entered the digital marketing industry. Social and digital media have opened new platforms for bloggers to run and manage their own businesses.

Renowned brands and advertisers are seeing how bloggers and influencers are generating more sales than even celebrities. Companies are now investing a big share of their marketing budget in influencers, which means more income and scope in this field.

Instagram is one of the largest digital social media platforms that fashion bloggers use. If fashion is something that falls right up your alley, then get serious about it. Fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein uses her Instagram handle ‘We Wore What’, to attract sponsors and ad moguls. With more than two million Instagram followers, she can easily make up to $15,000 for a single post.

As a fashion blogger on Instagram, you will need to garner enough followers to grab the sponsors’ attention. Fashion bloggers on Instagram are trending in huge ways, and brands are ready to spend money on the top sales-generating feeds. The best fashion bloggers can make a $25 dress look like a designer dress. The key to becoming a successful fashion blogger is by creating a niche, getting followers, and finding ways to stay relevant.

6. Create and sell online courses

What is an online course? Online courses are basically online classes where you create content that teaches people how to get something done from A to Z. Creating an online course and selling it for a specific fee per class can be a good way for you to start something new and make money.

You can get started by figuring out what you are good at, or it can also be a hobby that you are passionate about. For instance, let’s say that you are a great cook, and you can create amazing dishes from scratch. You can begin by teaching people how to make something delicious by using simple, basic ingredients. There are many people who want to learn how to cook.

You can create content with step-by-step processes on how to cook different dishes. This can be a solid side income — charge a reasonable fee for the online classes.

7. Turn your experience into a coaching business

Life coaches and motivational speakers earn their income by sharing their experiences and motivating people to turn their lives around for the better. If you are a woman to whom friends and families turn for advice, then this might be your calling.

We all learn from our experiences, and we need inspiration every day to improve ourselves. You can become a life coach in a variety of fields if you have unlocked answers through your experience. The key here is to help people to tackle their issues by talking about your experiences and what you did to overcome certain situations. If you are a great speaker with a commanding presence, try turning this into a side business.

8. Become a virtual assistant

The last but certainly not the least side hustle for women is becoming a virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant, you have the power to choose who to work for and how. It’s an amazing opportunity to manage your own schedule from anywhere.

But to be a virtual assistant, you need to have confidence in yourself and know your strengths. Your job as a VA will be to provide virtual support to other businesses. The demand for virtual assistants is rising because businesses are able to hire talent from anywhere in the world.

Virtual assistants may be asked to either perform office tasks or administrative work or do both. To set up a side job as a VA, begin by focusing on what work you can offer. Then get connected with potential employers using networking platforms.

Women are often great at handling multiple projects at once, which is why many companies love to hire female virtual assistants. Many women today are becoming virtual assistants on a part-time or full-time basis and are earning as much as $60,000.

Key Takeaways

Women have done marvelous jobs shifting from what was once side gigs to becoming successful entrepreneurs. If you are not satisfied with your present financial situation, find a side hustle that can compensate your hard work. Juggling your full-time job and a side hustle is easily manageable if you have good time management. If you think that earning an extra income is the right path, assess the side hustles available and follow your passions.

The best part about living in a hustle nation is that there are many ways to earn extra income outside your full-time job. If one or more of the above-listed hustle ideas sounds like your cup of tea, consider the amount of extra work you can handle. Figure out how many hours you can dedicate to pursuing your side hustle. Share your opinions on how side hustles for women have progressed over the years in the comment section.

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