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7 Businesses You Never Realized You Could Start

With the difficulties brought by the pandemic in the last year, many people have realized that you can lose everything so quickly. This includes your regular job, your perfectly comfortable home, and even your life. Thus, people are all about security nowadays—health, finance, and others.

Because of this realization, many people have invested in things that will allow them to earn money. Some people invested in stocks, some in cryptocurrency, some save a considerable percentage of their paychecks, and others dive nose deep into starting a new business.

What is a business?

A business is an organization involved in performing commercial, industrial, or professional activities. With a business entity, you can earn money. Before starting a business, you need to have the capital you can invest. This will help you get started and prepared for your operations.

To start a business, you need to understand and do a few things.

1. Identify your target market

Once you already know what you want to do, you should identify who you want to cater to. There are different types of people in the market, and they vary from color, race, gender, age, tradition, and others. Thus, the choice becomes confusing. Zero in on one group of people so that you can customize your brand and products into something that will be of great use to others.

2. Establish your business process

Before launching your business, understand what needs to be done to make it happen. Thus, secure your investment and find the right people who can help you. There are many things you should consider. You can start online or find a space to set up a boutique or shop to showcase your products. Likewise, you might need to hire people too. Whatever business you have decided to push through with, always invest in great equipment that will last a long time. This will be expensive, but it will save you a lot of cost in the future.

3. Develop a strong value proposition

Someone might have already started a similar business in the same niche you chose. The challenge here is how you can showcase a similar product but in a more elevated context. It would be best if you made it unique so that more people will rave over your product than others. The secret here is to listen to what your customers need. Once you identify it, transform it into something even better—something they least expect it to be. This is how you develop a strong value proposition.

4. Find possible partners

Finding partners could mean a lot of things. It could mean finding a business partner you want to run your business with, or it could mean finding a brand to collaborate with to help put your growing business into the limelight.

5. Create demand

Sometimes, you need to introduce a new product that you know will be a hit. This is how you create a demand, and this is how people realize they need something like it in their lives. Likewise, you also need to check the market as well as the behavior of people. In 2020 alone, one of the most in-demand products was a yoga mat. Because of the pandemic, people were asked to stay at home to minimize their chances of contracting the virus. People opted to look into fitness and followed home exercises to keep fit and healthy to fight boredom. Thus, there was an influx of businesses that manufactured yoga mats to cater to people’s needs.

6. Continue being innovative

To retain your business’ positive performance, it is essential never to stop learning. Along the way, mistakes will be made, and your honest customers will share reviews. You can take these points as a positive way to improve your brand and your products. Be open to customer feedback, and listen to what they have to say.

While there are many processes involved in building a business from the ground up, we sometimes fail to realize that all it takes to make it successful is the spirit of determination and dedication. You’ll be surprised how much your business grows in a matter of time.

Dog walker

Possible business ideas

If you’re quite confused right now about which path to take, here is a list of businesses you can mull over. Who knows, this might be the breakthrough you’ve been asking for.

1. Pastry shop

Has baking been your life’s passion? Have your friends been coming back to you for your sweet treats? It’s probably time to open a new pastry business. You can do this at a shop or start small at your own home until you can open an establishment.

Baked goods have been popular treats for everyone. You can bake so many things, including brownies, cakes, tarts, pies, and muffins. The thing about pastry is that it never goes out of style, and there is a constant demand from the market.

2. Mobile welding

There are many welding shops already established, but has anyone ever thought of a mobile welding service? In mobile welding, you will be working as a freelancer and zoom up to the home requesting your assistance. You bring along your truck and your equipment and do all the work at the comfort of your customer’s home. As long as you have a welding license, complete equipment, and fulfill all the permits necessary to establish your business, you’re good to go. You can learn more from this article.

3. Shoe cleaning services

If you’re a sneakerhead yourself, you would know the struggle of cleaning your shoes. How do you make white shoes look new again? Also, why do the rubber soles of footwear have yellowish stains on them? If you’ve figured out how to solve all these problems, you better put up shoe cleaning services.

Your main product here should be your formula, and you can showcase it through social media websites and a personal website. Once people discover your service and try your product, word of mouth will bring your brand out there. Thus, if you wish to start small, you can start with online orders and then build from there.

4. On-call deep cleaning and sanitizing services

Everyone is so conscious about health and cleanliness now because of the pandemic. Every surface of one’s home must be continuously sanitized. This could be an issue for those who are mostly working, so people opt to contact sanitizing services and experts who can provide them a germ-free environment. Aside from scheduled cleaning services, the demand for this also increases when someone is infected with the virus.

Those people who are not suffering from extreme symptoms are advised to go home and practice a strict quarantine until they test negative for the virus. Once negative, and to be sure that no one else at home contracts the virus, people hire deep cleaning and sanitizing services to make their home free from possible illnesses. Thus, the family will feel safe and satisfied with the outcome.

5. Doggie daycare

If you love dogs so much, you might consider a doggie daycare. The love for dogs usually stems from one’s emotion and appreciation of them. Dogs are very loving and caring creatures, and they make people’s hearts so big.

If you’re one of the many people who have been active in taking care of dogs or fostering strays, with enough funds, you can find an empty lot or building to rent and turn it into a daycare center for dogs. Owners can leave them there when they go out for work and come back when they clock out.

In doggie daycares, dogs get just the right amount of exercise and pampering. They can also meet other dogs they can have fun and play with. Of course, you need to secure all required permits to make everything functional and have trained and certified individuals to help you take care of your furry customers.

6. Resin art

The resin art trend comes from the USA, Australia, and Canada. The epoxy resin consists of two chemicals that include a resin and a hardener. When these are combined, they produce a chemical reaction where it hardens to plastic. It is fascinating, especially if you like experimenting with things.

To start a resin art business, you first need to study how to make resin artworks. The process requires an artistic flair and a careful mind and body as the chemicals might harm your skin with too much exposure. Likewise, it is very cheap, and you can order materials at your local store or online.

You can make a lot of things through the resin. This includes preserving a flower, making keychains, molding combs, and even creating cartoon characters as keycaps. There is a high demand for resin art in the market.

7. Mobile coffee shop

Who doesn’t love coffee? It serves to give energy to people who can barely open their eyes at work or in school. If you want to suit people’s needs through a freshly brewed coffee cup, it’s time to open a mobile coffee shop.

A mobile coffee shop is sure to be a hit because you can drive around in your car along with your equipment and pick a spot where a lot of people are hanging out. You can even serve cookies while they wait for your order. It saves you a lot of money because you won’t have to pay for rent. Just prepare a selection of beans to improve their experience.


While starting a business may not sound as easy as it seems, it sure will be something you won’t regret taking part in. The beginning is always the most challenging part, but once you get the hang of things, you will know how to manage your business and make necessary changes. At this time of the pandemic, it’s important to find options to continuously be financially secure so that you have a blanket to catch you in case things go south.

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