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6 Tips to Effectively Market a Franchise

Every business owner treats their business like a baby; it starts small but then it gradually grows and expands. When it reaches a high enough level of success that you start franchising, then you must be doing something right. If you are ready to franchise your business, then you need to be able to advertise that franchise effectively. Quality products or services and outstanding marketing strategies go hand in hand when starting a franchise. The most successful business owners known to man have all managed to reach their targets or even surpass them through effective marketing strategies.

To help you get started with the basics, here are some tips that you should follow for powerful marketing.

Advertise on Multimedia Platforms

Advertising is not new. Franchisors have been tackling this marketing strategy for ages. When it comes to spreading the word about your franchise through marketing, the first step you should take is to advertise adequately. Many business owners and managers immediately think of print publications when they are trying to advertise their products or services. But the reality is, modern technology has allowed for numerous multimedia platforms to emerge, so you can successfully advertise and conquer this marketing strategy. You might even need to consider hiring multimedia experts to take care of the advertising aspect for you, as the innovations in that field are countless.

Utilize Direct Mail

Many franchisors shy away from marketing their work through mail, as they believe modern technology has come to wipe it off the grid, but in reality, this is far from the truth. By utilizing direct mail and sending engaging messages to your prospective customer base, you will notice a spike in your success rates. You can combine traditional marketing along with digital marketing for franchises by sending direct mail online through newsletters or engaging with your clients virtually on a regular basis. Your franchise can make use of the various online platforms on the scene nowadays that allow for direct messaging and emailing to master this marketing technique.

Employ an Effective Sales Strategy

Marketing for your franchise through an effective and elaborate sales strategy is a must if you are looking to rise higher with your business. Selling your products or services as a franchise will come easily if you truly understand the market and what it needs. There are different ways in which franchisors can go out there and sell their products.

In-person Sales

Marketing your franchise in person through sales executives and representatives is a strategy as old as time. It is also quite effective in generating quick results and bringing in more clients and, consequently, more profit. You would need experienced sales personnel who know their way around the market and can represent your company in front of customers or other business partners.


In recent years, marketing for a franchise over the phone has gained a huge buzz. There are even dedicated outsourcing companies that only work on telemarketing strategies for franchisees that are looking to boost their sales. It is a cost-effective marketing strategy that shows adequate results.

Offer Promotions

Customers and clients in pretty much all sectors love promotions. By incorporating attractive offers in your marketing strategy, you can see tremendous spikes in sales and profit for your franchise in almost no time at all. Promotions can be done in a variety of different ways, from the traditional slashing down to encouraging a shopping madness spree, to making successful deals with other businesses to offering bigger discounts. Nowadays, with the massive development in the technology sector, promotions can be spread over different multimedia platforms to motivate more prospective clients to make a purchase and ensure the success of your marketing strategy for the franchise.

Create a Strong PR Plan

A powerful franchise is one that has a strong and positive reputation, and creating a solid PR plan for your company can help you achieve just that. It is important for any aspiring franchise not to underestimate the power of a strong public relations plan and all the benefits it can provide for the company. Your PR team can work as your front in organizing any campaigns that would get potential consumers and attract businesses to increase your visibility and spread the word on your franchise’s positive reputation. The PR team can also get you on the news and keep you connected with the audience through regular press releases and updated information, which consumers love.

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Go Online

Even though franchisors can utilize the internet in different marketing strategies, they need to understand how to use it as a marketing tool on its own. By building a strong online marketing platform, the franchise can expand pretty much anywhere in the world. You can get as creative as you want with online marketing; the more unique you are, the better. Online marketing is also quite cost-effective so you would not have to spend a fortune advertising your franchise in the beginning.

Connecting with the Market

Regardless of which marketing strategy or technique you decide to employ for your blossoming franchise, there are several things that you need to remember to make sure you stay connected with the market and avoid losing touch over time. To begin with, you should make sure you engage with your clients or business partners regularly and promptly. Remember to also keep your content relevant and fun. People get bored easily and lose interest quickly, so make sure you keep them on the hook.

When it comes to marketing, a franchise can be a challenging ordeal for many business owners who are starting to make their way in the field. Just as it is with any new venture, if you are a business owner or franchisee manager trying to market your company effectively, it is important to do extensive research in advance. Consider hiring teams of professionals to help you implement whatever marketing strategy you decide to go with to ensure you spread the word out there about your franchise in the best possible way.

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