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5 Vehicles You Can Launch a Business With

When you need to make some extra cash, a part-time job is a fast solution. The trick is to find one that you’ll enjoy and that fits into your already full schedule. Take stock of your skills and assets to find opportunities. You don’t need much to start a side gig. You can make extra money by using a vehicle you already have or purchasing a second vehicle. Let’s take a look at five vehicles you can put to work for you and fill up your bank account.

Passenger Car or SUV

You can use the car or SUV you drive each day to start a number of businesses. Opportunities include courier services, taxi, and delivery person. Delivery options include launching your own service and working for a local store or pizza shop. You could also help out senior citizens by running errands like shopping, picking up medications, and shuttling people to the doctor’s office.

Food Truck

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Food trucks are a booming business. As of May 2017, 4,000 entrepreneurs run food trucks in the U.S. To take advantage of this trend, you’ll need a special vehicle to start a mobile food business. You can sell simple items like coffee and dessert, or you can make more money by cooking full meals. New trucks should have low maintenance costs, but they may not fit into your budget. Determine your needs and compare new and used food trucks for sale to help save money.


If you own a van with a lot of cargo space, consider a mobile service business. Pet grooming, house cleaning, and car washing shouldn’t need a lot of start-up cash. You could also help people move furniture and other goods to their new homes or storage units.

Passenger vans can be used for an airport shuttle service or other group trips. Talk to local social and church groups about their small group transportation needs.

Pickup Truck and Trailer

If you own a pickup truck and trailer that can haul small equipment, you can add lawn service to the list of possible side jobs. Since landscaping is a seasonal business, consider hauling junk in the offseason. When people move or renovate, you can transport unwanted items to the local dump or donation center for a handsome fee.

Box or Dump Truck

If you have access to a box truck or dump truck, you can take on large landscaping or yard clean-up jobs. The junk hauling business is an option for this type of vehicle, too.

Owning a box truck can help you open a business moving service that can help you earn money, too. If you can afford to hire occasional help, you can move office furniture on the weekends.

Consider these ideas to earn money with a single vehicle. Use your personal vehicle or consider purchasing a reasonably priced truck to start a new business. Start your side business, and when you’re earning enough money, replace your full-time job. Pretty soon, putting your vehicle to work can help you be your own boss.

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