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5 Clever Tips for Saving on Moving Costs

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Moving to another city and living in a new place can be exciting. However, due to the moving processes and costs, it can also be exhausting and stressful, especially if you spend more than necessary. These costs can accumulate from moving and packing costs and break your budget if you don’t plan it well.

To avoid this, here are some tips for saving on moving costs:

1. Develop a Moving Strategy

If need be, get a pen and paper so you can list down all the things you need when moving. This includes movers, meals for the day, packaging supplies, etc. You also need to list down the necessary steps you’ll be taking before, during, and after your move.

Doing this will organize your moving process. This way, you can avoid making unnecessary stopovers that may make you spend more money. Moreover, by creating a timely process, you can have sufficient time to look for movers and shop for materials you’ll need. But when you’re rushing, you’ll likely want to buy supplies impulsively, even if they’re more expensive.

2. Know How Much You Have to Save

Another clever tip is to have a budget that is based on how much you need to save. After listing down your needs for the moving process, you must calculate how much money you need to allot to each of them. If you don’t have cold cash or savings for the predicted expenses, you can start saving until the day you start packing.

It’s also necessary to include how much it would take to hire movers from your current address to your new place. You can check the sites of movers to calculate how much they charge. For instance, if you’re moving to Denver, you can find out here how much movers in Denver charge. Knowing this can help you calculate costs and create a better budget.

3. Minimize Buying Supplies

While bubble wrap, paper, and boxes may be essential to protect your stuff during the move, it may be better to cut down on these expenses. Be resourceful and create similar packaging supplies from what you already have. You may have boxes you’re not using or scrap papers you can use.

You can also ask your neighbors if they have some of these packaging supplies. If you know someone who may have moved recently or is about to move, ask them for their extra moving supplies so they don’t throw them away. Your nearby appliance stores, furniture shops, or grocery stores may also be good sources of moving boxes and bubble wraps. You can even use old clothes to protect your fragile stuff, such as glassware and plates.

4. Plan Your Meals

If you’re not careful, you may bust your budget by eating out at restaurants during a move. While cooking your meals during the move may be a hassle, planning your meals can be a budget saver. This is also helpful as you can incorporate all the foods in your pantry, freezer, and fridge instead of throwing them away or boxing a bunch of canned goods.

Be creative when planning your meal so you won’t have to crave food while on the move. Otherwise, if you prefer take-out meals, then save money by not purchasing drinks. Prior to the move, look for local promotions or coupons that restaurants offer, and research the restaurants you might order takeout from.

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5. Be Wise When Hiring a Moving Company

You also need to consider some factors before hiring a moving company to make the most of the fees you will be paying them. Here are some of the factors you may want to consider before making a contract with a mover:

  • Be sure to have packed up all your stuff before the moving company arrives at your place, especially if they charge by the hour. In addition, make your hallways clutter-free and spacious enough for the movers to avoid moving items for an extended period. The more organized your boxes are, the faster they can move them, saving you some dollars.
  • Always ask for hidden charges or additional fees that might not be on their site. Some movers have separate fees for packing materials, long charges, fuel charges, and stair charges.


When you’re moving, you want everything to run smoothly for you to avoid moving stress. You can achieve this by having a plan and budget. With these, you can avoid extra expenses and save time. This will help lessen the stress you might experience during the move. Try considering the tips above, especially if you’re a first-time mover.

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