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3 Life Tips from a Battled Tested Startup to Maintaining Your Personal Sanity

When we first thought of launching SherpaDesk we envisioned a straight yellow brick road to success.  We were going to create a ‘can’t fail’ solution to solving a massive problem.  All we had to do was build it and they would come…..

Four years later we taken some punches and have discovered it’s not quite that easy.  

I always explain to people who are first starting out on new ventures that the one precious resource they have is entrepreneurial capital.  They usually don’t have much of anything else (i.e. customers, product, real cash, employees, etc.) but they do have starry eyes and energy to attack the world.  As time goes on this entrepreneurial capital gets used up and you have to start focusing on the daily grind of building a business.

We have put together some quick tips we use daily to help keep us engaged, focused and sane here at SherpaDesk.

Here is what we are up to.career-479578_960_720

1. Schedule Your Day or Someone Will Schedule It for You

There is no one size fits all organizing your life.  Everyone is unique and has different strengths and weaknesses.  The main thing to understand is that time is your most valuable resource and finding a schedule that you can own is key to a balanced life.  Listed are some helpful tools to try out.

Time Block Method –  Plan out your days in advance and dedicate hours to specific tasks.

The Most Important Task Method – This one of my personal favorites. Ditch massive to-do lists and focus on the top 3 things you need to get done right now, today. Nothing else should come before getting these done.  I like to tackle the hardest things first in the morning.

The Pomodoro Technique – This is about working short, massively productive bursts and then giving yourself a break.  Often, it’s good to put a carrot out there like grabbing snack after you finish a burst.

Saying No – Interruptions are going to try and creep into your schedule.  You just need to learn to say NO.  Otherwise everyone else’s schedule becomes more important than yours.


2. Jog Your Brain

Your brain is like any other muscle.  It needs to be warmed up, fed, exercised and rested.  The Google and our cell phones give us immediate information, but they also are not challenging our brains. The sharper and more alert you are the easier it will to manage a hectic day.  Here are some quick tips

Exercise in the morning – Exercising helps create discipline, increase metabolism, improve sleep and gets you in better mental and physical shape.  A simple thing of parking in the farthest space from the door or taking the stairs to work is a good way get a quick workout in the start of the day.

Add lemon to your water – Drinking a glass of water with a bit of lemon has a ton of upside in getting you going.  It can help reduce anxiety, boosts your potassium to reduce brain fog and helps your immune system so you can fight of any time sucking colds

Take cold showers – Taking a cold shower can improve your brain function and energy level.  It is also shown to be a direct link to boosting your immune system and increasing your metabolism


3. Write Down Your Fears vs. Goals

People always tell you to write down your goals.  In a lot of case this is correct as it allows you to visual your success.  However, this can be somewhat limiting as you don’t always really know what achieving your goals really looks and feels like.

Another technique is to write down your fears.  Humans are motivated by two opposing forces.  Our desire to go towards pleasure and our need to avoid pain (e.g. fear).

Writing down your fears, you give them a voice and allow them to take shape.  Once you understand your fears then you can then learn to conquer them to achieve your goals.

When they are in written form they often don’t seem as scary.

When you can size up what keeps you up at night then it can begin to give you the courage to move away from it in a more positive direction.

If you are needing a better way to help track customer service issues, log billable time and just get a hold of the chaos in running your startup then check out a free instance at www.sherpadesk.com

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